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Which is the characteristic of a comet? It is made of rock and ice with a tail of gas and dust
Which planet's orbit is between Earth and the Sun? Venus
Which two factors determine the gravitational attraction between two objects? mass and distance apart
The Sun appears larger than other starts because of its distance from Earth
If Halley's comet was seen without the use of a telescope in 1910 and 1986, when do scientist predict we may be able to see it again in the future? 2062
Spacecraft launched from Earth needs to reach a specific speed to escape Earth's surface to overcome what? Earth's gravitational force
Natural satellites such as our moon orbit what? planets
Why must scientists exercise while staying in space for long periods of time? to keep muscle and bones from deteriorating
For long term space travel, scientists do NOT need to consider what? escaping Earth's gravity
When the Soviets launched the first artificial satellite in space, this impacted society because now we have what? satellites for phones, GPS, and weather
Why are objects from space usually harmless when they hit Earth? they burn up in the atmosphere
Mars' orbit is shorter or longer than Earth's orbit around the sun? longer
Mercury's orbit is shorter or longer than Earth's orbit around the sun? shorter
If you have hypothesized that Europa, Jupiter's moon, contains liquid water, and carbon-based life, what would you use to prove your hypothesis? a probe with instruments
An alien species needs a planet with a hard surface where they can see the stars. This means the planet cannot have what? an atmosphere
Solid object that is smaller than a planet that orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter is called an asteroid
Objects made of iron and nickel that hit Earth after burning up in the atmosphere are called meteorites
Humans cannot breathe Martian air because the % of what gas is too low? oxygen
One of Jupiter's moons that is believed to have active volcanoes Io
Gas giant planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
Venus is very hot because it has a very thick atmosphere
Which characteristic of a planet or moon protects it from solar winds? magnetic field
If scientists wanted to send a probe to Pluto to see if there is carbon, what instrument would they need to include? mass spectrometer
If scientists wanted to send a probe to Mar's to measure the pressure of Mars' atmosphere, what instrument would they need to include? barometer
If you sent a probe to Titan to find out if it has earthquakes, what instrument would you need to include? seismograph
Mass Spectrometers will only work on what type of probe? lander
Atoms stop moving at absolute zero (-273 degrees Celcius)
What is considered a "signature" for an element? spectrogram
Created by: LSumrall72