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Unit 12.

Computers in Health Care (updated)

A basic understanding of how the computer works and a basic understanding of the applications used in your field is called Computer literacy
A handheld tablet or calculatoris an example of: a microcomputer
A printer is similar to a typewriter.
You can do an advanced search on a search engine by putting keywords in quotations or specifying specific related fields
A database can be used to create information records for both patients and health care employees.
Uses a computer to check for drug interactions and to monitor pharmacy inventory. Pharmacist
Most medical laboratories rely heavily on computers for both blood and urine analysis.
Allows physicians to see blood moving through veins and the reaction of cancerous tumors to treatment. Magnetic resonance imaging
used to detect tumors, locate aneurysms and blood vessel abnormalities, and examine the shape and size of internal organs Ultrasonography
decreases the time spent on tasks and increases achievement and retention of knowledge. Computer-based learning
Use animated graphics, color, and sound to enhance learning Computer-assisted instructions
Allows a health care provider to learn how to draw blood from a vein. computer simulation
Can direct the power of therapeutic radiation precisely to a cancerous tumor Computers
The machine components of the computer, including the keyboard, disk drive, and monitor, are called _ hardware
The unit that processes all information or data entering the computer is the central processing unit
The programs, or instructions, that run the computer and allow the computer to perform specific tasks are called software
The unit in the computer that stores operating programs, temporary data, and monitoring and tracking data is the internal memory unit
The first noninvasive computer-based body and brain scanner was computerized tomography
A scanning procedure in which a slightly radioactive substance is injected into the patient and then detected by the scanner as an image on a screen is positron emission tomography
The noninvasive scanning procedure that is used to determine the size, position, sex, and even abnormalities of a fetus is ultrasonography
Educational computer programming designed for individual use is computerized assisted instruction
A major use of the Internet in health care is for organ transplants
A program used in many universities to prepare and analyze research data is Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
Health care providers use spreadsheets to do all of the following create budgets, project future needs, tabulate the nutritional value of foods
A contingency backup plan is necessary when using computers to prevent loss of information in case of a power failure
Index, retrieval program and spider or worm are components of a search engine
A search engine can be told to limit a search for specific information by using the word “and” to tell the engine that you want information with all of the words entered
examples of output devices printer, computer monitor, magnetic tape, disks, CD-ROM, audio speaker
examples of input devices keypad, keyboard, mouse, optical scanner, light pen, bar code reader, card reader, disk, tape, CD-ROM, videodisc, touch screen, voice, microphone, DVD
CPU central processing unit
RAM random access memory
HIS hospital information system
CRT cathode ray tube
PET positron emission tomography
The name of the computer program that integrates computer and video technology interactive video or computer-assisted video
Why is it important to evaluate the source of any information found on the Internet? not all data is accurate or current, many different people can put information on the Internet
A machine that can scan a document and read the printed text is an optical scanner
A printer is a type of output device
Today's health care workers use _____ for electronic health records, diagnostic testing, patient monitoring, personnel scheduling, and communicating with other hospitals. computers
A free database created by the National Library of Medicine MEDLINE
Are using technology to help people with severe spinal cord injuries to walk Clinical researchers
Involves the use of video, audio, and computer systems to provide medical or health care services Telemedicine
All claims for Medicare and Medicaid must be submitted electronically
Allows for rapid scientific progress through the sharing of research information from large databases. Bioinfomatics
Allows patients to communicae with a physician by e-mail Electronic medicine
A protective program that limits the ability of other computers to access a computer is a/an firewall
Records can be organized and sorted in many ways, changes can be easily added to information, and useful reports can be produced. computerized database
Who is most likely to have a Web site that contains current and accurate information about the link between nutrition and cancer a Univerisity medical school
An online community maintained by one or more people to provide information on a topic is a/an blog
Flash drives provide an important means of backing up data
The applied science of adapting the environment and using techniques to prevent injury is ergonomics
Light beams called _ can be used to shape a patient's cornea and correct vision. lasers
Uses formulas to perform high-speed math calculations and create budgets, business projections, and statistical reports electronic spreadsheet
Process of creating and sending messages from one computer to another electronic mail
An organized collection of information such as insurance company records or patient information is called a/an database
A protective program that limits the ability of other computers to access a computer is called a/an firewall
Online community providing information on certain topics a/an blog
Information such as name, address, telephone number, or occupation entered into a database is called a/an field
Writing reports, information sheets, memos is called word processing
A system linking all of the computers in a health care facility is called a/an network
Compact disks and digital versatile/video disks used for information storage and transfer is called a/an optical disk
Programs that contain instructions to alter the operation of computer programs is called a/an virus
Hard copy from a printer, computer monitor display screen, external hard drive, optical disks such as DC's or DVD's, flash drives, video monitor, and audio speaker is called output devices
Keyboard, touch screen monitor, optical disks, optical scanner, mouse, and light pen are called input devices
ROM Read only memory
Computer systems that use artificial intelligence to aid in the detection and diagnosis of disese computer-aided detection (CADe) and computer-aided diagnosis (CADx)
Used to monitor the oxygen level of the blood, usually consists of a sensor placed on the finger (or heel of an infant) and a monitor that displays the reading pulse oximeter
Use passwords, keep passwords confidential, do not allow unauthorized persons into the work area, never open e-mails or files from unknown parties, follow instructions if a firewall or virus alert occurs, shred discarded hard copies or printouts. ways to help ensure the security and confidentiality of computer records.
What federal act created standards to protect the confidentiality of computerized patient records? Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
A printer is a type of: output device
A machine that can scan a document and read the printed text is a/an optical scanner
Today's health care workers use the computers for: electronic health records, diagnostic testing, patient monitoring, personnel scheduling and communicating with other hospitals.
Created by: Health Science
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