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Latin Derivatives

Latin Derivative

a roomor building used for scientific testing or research laboratory
a person who works with plants horticulturalist
motherhood maternity
the act of providing goods or assistance service
pertaining to dogs canine
tending to be inactive sedentary
to associate or join oneself affiliate
to offend or sicken disgust
trade commerce
friendly ammicable
worthy of praise laudable
helpful, additional ancillary
power or control domination
sleeping quarters dormitory
pertaining to ships or sailing naval
enraged irate
greatness or extent magnitude
capable of being carried portable
to rise; to swell surge
to drink imbibe
to make fun ridicule
to fulfill satisfy
a person who sells something vendor
a defender or supporter advocate
pertaining to legal practice judicial
a person who acts on another's behalf agent
to frighten terrify
having little money, poor impecunious
a group of listeners audience
mythical or legendary; marvelous fabulous
a condition or situation state
to assemble, gather around convene
a person who watches spectator
rowdy, unruly turbulent
characteristic of women feminine
fierceness ferocity
to write on or engrave incscribe
greed avarice
a beat or rythm pulse
a small room cubicle
a baby infant
invincible, unbeatable insuperable
silent; unspoken tacit
easily noticed, obvious conspicuous
the act of questioning interrogation
understandable intelligible
a method; a course of action procedure
all-powerful omnipotent
a plague pestilence
offensive, repulsive repugnant
to dwell in or on inhavit
bloodthirsty sanguinary
arousing interest of attention, sensational spectacular
excitement or alarm agitation
entire total
to encourage or to provoke incite
seeming, apparent ostensible
to give off or send out emit
to repeat reiterate
human society civilization
murder homicide
to engage in vigorous physical activity exercise
a building used to house and treat sick persons hospital
the act of saving or preserving conservation
a room or building for keeping books library
to create or devise invent
having command or authority imperial
a judgement or verdict sentence
brotherly fraternal
pleased, happy contented
a wall-painting or drawing mural
to cause to appear foolish stultify
practical, functional utilitarian
to soothe or pacify placate
anxious concern solicitude
unbelievable incredible
generous; free-thinking liberal
finished complete
a runaway fugitive
to thwart or disappoint frustrate
a caretaker custodian
thickness density
an event incident
to burn incinerate
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