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Mat-Child Nursing

Maternal Child Nursing

What is contraception? Strategies or devices used to reduce the risk of fertilization or implantation in an attempt to prevent pregnancy.
What are the methods for contraception? Natural-Family Planning Barrier Hormonal Intrauterine Methods and surgical
What is the expected outcomes for family planning methods? Preventing a pregnancy until a desired time.
What is the natural-family planning method? Abstaining from having sexual intercourse eliminates the possiblity of sperm entering a woman's vagina
What are the client instructions for the natural-family planning method? refrain from sexual intercouse, with other forms of gratifying sexual activities such as, affectionate touching, communication, holding hands, kissing, massage, and oral and manual stimulation.
What are the advantages of the Natural-Family Planning Method? Most effective form of birth control, Can eliminate the risk of STDs if there is no genitalia contact and helps during fertile periods for the rhythm method of birth control.
What are the disadvantages of Natural-Family Planning Method? requires self control
What are the risks/complications/contraindications of the Natural-Family Planning Method? There are no risks if abstinence is maintained
What is coitus interruptus (withdrawl) method? The man withdrawls penis from vagina prior to ejaculation
What are the client instructions for coitus interruptus? Be aware of fluids leaking from the penis
What are the advantages of coitus interruptus? Possible choice for monogamous couples with no other option for birth control, such as opposed to birth control due to religious conviction
What are the disadvantqages of coitus interruptus? Most ineffective method of contraception, No protection against STDs
What are the risks/complications/contraindications of coitus interruptus? Risk of pregnancy or STD R/T leakage of fluid from penis or inability for man to control ejaculation
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