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Communit Health Nurs

Community Health Nursing

What is a community? A group of people and institutions that share geographic, civic and/or social parameters.
Who is a community health nurse? Nurses who practice in the community.
What is the focus of care of communnity-oriented nursing? Health of the communithy as a "whole". Client: Community
What are the nursing activities of a community-oriented nurse? Health Care: Surveillance and evaluation of the community's collective health.
What is the focus of care of Community-based nursing? Health of individuals, families, and groups within a community. Client: Individual, family, or group of individuals.
What are the nursing activities of community-based nursing? Illness Care: Provision of direct primary care in settings where individuals and families live, work, and "attend" (e.g. schools, camps, parish)
What are the goals and functions of community health nursing practice? Promote, preserve, and maintain the health of populations by the delivery of health services to individuals, families, and groups in order to impact "community health"
What are the goals of public health nursing practice? promote, preserve, and maintain the health of populations through disease and disability prevention and health protection of the community as a "whole"
What are the core functions of public health nursing practice? 1) systematic assessment of the health of populations; 2) development of policies to support the health of populations; and 3) ensuring that essential health services are available to all persons.
What is health promotion? involves stratgies to improve individual and community health
What is the community health nurse's role? 1) preventive services-health education and counseling, immunizations, and other actions that aim to prevent a potential disease or disability, preventive services in multiple community settings, planning and implementing screeing programs for atrisk pops
What is the primary prevention focus? Prevention of the initial occurance of disease or injury
What are examples of community health nurse primary prevention activities? Nutrition counseling, family planning and sex education, smoking cessation education, education on communicable diseases, health and hygeine issues, safety education, prenatal classes providing immunizations, community assessments, disease surveillance
What is the secondary prevention focus? Early detection of disease and treatment with the goal of limiting severity and adverese effects.
What are examples of community health nurse secondary prevention activities? screenings: cancer, diabetes, hypertension, sensory impairments, tuberculosis, lead exposure, genetic disorders/metabolic deficiencies in newborns; treatment of STD's, treatment of tuberculosis, control of outbreaks of communicable diseases
What is the Tertiary prevention focus? maximization of recovery after injury or illness (rehabilitation)
What are examples of community health nurse tertiary prevention activities? nutrition counseling, exercise rehabilitation, case management, shelters, support groups, exercise for hypertensive client (individual)
According to Healthy People 2010, what are the leading health indicators? Physical activity, overweight and obesity, tobacco use, substance abuse, responsible sexual behavior, mental health, injury and violence, environmental quality, immunizations, access to health care
What is epidemiology? The investigative study of disease trends in populations of the purpose of disease prevention and health maintenance.
What is the agent in the epidemiological triangle? The animate or inanimate object that causes the disease.
What is the host in the epidemiological trangle? The living being that will be affected by the agent.
What is the environment in the epidemiological triangle? The setting or surrounding that sustains the host.
Who are susceptible hosts? Altered immunity, altered resistance, risk charcteristics; genetics, gender, age, physiological state, prior disease state, social class, cultural group, occupation
What are nonliving (vehicle) vectors? Clothing, food, and water
What are living (intermediary) vectors? mosquitios, fleas, rodents, and birds
What are infectious agents? Viruses, fungi, bacteria
What are physical agents? Truama, genetics, noise, temperature
What are chemical agents? Drugs, fumes, toxins
What are environmental reservoirs and modes of transporation? Human reservoirs, physical factors, temperature, rainfall, socioeconomic factors, availability of resources, access to health care, high-risk working ocnditions, crowded living conditions
What is incidence? The number of cases detected
what is prevelance? The number of cases in the population at a specific time
What is mortality rates The number of deaths
What is attack rates? The number of people at risk who develop a certain disease
What is an epidemic? When the rate of the disease exceeds the usual level of the condition.
What are the phases of the epidemiological process? Determine the problem, Formulate a possible theory form gathered data, gather information from a variety of sources, make a plan, Put the plan into action, evaluate the plan, and report and follow up.
What are the learning theories used in community health nursing? behavioral, cognitive, critical, developmental, humanistic, and social learning
What is the behavioral theory of learning? focus is on changing behavior through the use of reinforcement methods
What is the cognitive theory of learning? focus is on changing thought patterns through the use of methods that offer a variety of sensory input and reptition.
What is the critical theory of learning? Focus is on increasing depth of knowledge through the use of mehtods such as discussion aqnd inquiry.
What is the developmental theory of learning? Focus is on the human development stage and methods that are age-specific and age-appropriate with importance given to "readiness to learn"
What is the humanistic theory of learning? Focus is on feelings and relationships, and methods are based on the principle that learners will do what is in their best interests.
What is the social learning theory of learning? focus is on changing the learner's expectations and beliefs through the use of methods that link information to beliefs and values.
What are the three learning styles? Visual learners, Auditory learners, Tactile-kinesthetic learners
What does it mean that someone is a visual learner? Learn through "seeing"; Methods: note taking, video viewing, and presentations. They "Think in Pictures"
What does it mean that someone is an auditory learner? Learn through "listening"; Methods: verbal lectures, discussion, and reading aloud. They "interpret meaning while listening"
What does it mean that someone is a tactile-kinesthetic learner? learn through "doing"; Methods: trial and error, hands-on approaches, and return demonstration. They "meaning through exploration"
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