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66 - Wenham 32

Exercise A

You (s) [And] will receive all this authority and the glory of the kingdoms. Παραλημψή δε την εξουσιαν ταυτην άπασαν καιν την δοξαν των βασιλειων.
The four robbers fled into the mountains. οί πεσσαρες λησται εφυγον εις τα ορη.
My name great will be among (in) all the nations. το ονομα μου μεγα εσται εν πασιν τοις εθνεσιν.
Does no one wish to drink this wine? ουδιες θελει πιειν τον οινον τουτον;
The 6 priests came by night and took away... οί έξ ίερεις ηλθον νυκτος και ήραν...
...the bodies of the three prophets (accus). ... τα σωματα των τριων προφητων.
And every city had 12 gates... και πασα πολις ειχεν πυλωνας δωδεκα...
...and all the multitude was rejoicing. ...και παν το πληθος εχαιρεν.
O woman, great of you the faith. ω γυναι, μεγαλη σου ή πιστις.
And we know that these 10 words true are... και γινωσκομεν ότι τα δεκα ΄ρηματα ταυτα αληθη εστιν,
....because spoke them the Lord by the mouth of Moses. ότι ελαλησεν αυτα ό Κυριος δια στοματος Μωυσεως.
And they did not know until came the great flood and took them all away. και ουκ εγνωσαν έως ηλθεν ό μεγας κατακλυσμος και ηρεν άπαντας.
Let one of the slaves be sent to sow the seed... πεμπεσθω είς τνω δουλων σπειρειν το σπερμα...
...in the 3 fields. ...εν τοις τρισιν αγροις.
were coming together [And] many from the 7 villages.... συνηρχοντο δε πολλοι εκ των έπτα κωμων...
...and they were carrying the ill ones... και εφερον τους ασθενεις...
...and they were putting them at his feet. ...και εβαλλον αυτους παρα τους ποδας αυτου.
No one let cause to stumble one of these children. μηδεις σκανδαλιζετω ένα των παιδων τουτων.
the [But] two parents of him did not know ... οί δε δυο γονεις αυτου ουκ εγνωσαν...
...that he remains in the city. ...ότι μενει έν τή πολει.
Not the scripture did say... ουχ ή γραφη ειπεν...
...that out of the seed of David comes the Christ; ...ότι εκ του σπερματος Δαυειδ ερχεται ό Χριστος;
at (in) [And] that hour gather together to him... εν δε εκεινή τή ώρά συναγονται προς αυτον...
...many of the chief priests... ...πολλοι των αρχιερεων...
...who say that there will be no resurrection. ...οί λεγουσιν ότι ουκ εσται αναστασις.
One day with the Lord, as a thousand years. μια ήμερα παρα Κυριώ ώς χιλια επη.
the [But] centurion answered, ... ό δε έκατονταρχης απεκρινατο...
...I am a man of under authority... ... Εγω ειμι ανθρωπος ύπο εξουσιαν...
..and I have a hundred soldiers under me. ...και εχω έκατον στρατιωτας ύπ' εμε.
And the number of the men was about (as) five thousand. και ό αριθμος των ανδρων ην ώς χιλιαδες πεντε.
And he talked to two of them. και ελαλησεν δυσιν εξ αυτων.
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