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what percentage of Earth's water is in the ocean 97%
the body is approximately 70% water
A gallon of gasolines takes approximatley how many gallons of water to produce 70 gallons
the largest user of water int he US homes is toilet flushing
to produce a car, how mnay gallons of water are used 100,000 gallons
an aqueduct is a conduit of channel that moves, usually by gravity
what is ground water water beneath the surface of the ground
a period of little or no rain is called a drought
the region draining into a river, river system, or other body of water is a watershed
the hydroshere is best defined as all the water on the surface of the planet
an aquifer is porous, water-bearing layers of gravel or rock below the earth's surgave; reservoirs for groundwater
conservation is the care of natural resourves for future generations
total magnification is calculated by multiplying the magnifications of the eyepieve and the objective lens
the correct way to carry a microscope is with one hand on the base and one on the arm
a compound microscope always has more than one lens
when focusing a microscope on medium power one should use the coarse adjustment knob
to estimate the size of a specimen when using the microscope, you need to know the diameter of the field of view
what does EBMUD stand for East Bay Municiple Unity District
Where does the water from EBMUD come from the Sierra mountains
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