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connections/ science

The female reproductive parts of a plant are called the pistil
the part of a flower that produces pollen is called the anther
the main functinon of the petals is they attract pollinators
the male reprodtion parts of a plant are called the stamen
fertilization occurs in the plants when pollen meets the ovule
which is NOT a method used by plants to attract pollinators a source of nutritious fruit
what is an example of a nocturnal pollinator the bat
if a flower has a long, tubular shape, which pollinator does it likely use the hummingbird
if a flower is white and fragrant, what is its most likely pollinator the moth
if a flower has a strong fragerance what pollinator is NOT likely to notice the bird
how do been carry pollen from flower to flower in baskets on their legs
plants that lose their leaves for a portion of the year are called deciduous
what is NOT a kingdom of organisms Insects
if a plant is not pollinated it will never produce fruit
the propagate a plant asexually you CANNOT use a cutting from any part of the plant
After a flowering plant is pollinated its petals are no longer needed and fall off
Besides producing oxygen,medicines, habitats, and food trees _________ reduce greenhouse gases
Seeds are the result of sexual reproduction
the two categories or propagation are asexual and sexual
A plant that results from asexual propagation has genes that are identical to its parents
A way that some plants avoid self pollination is the stigma is receptive only after the pollen has been released
Willows and alders have a long stucture containing multiple tiny flowers that is called catskin. They are pollinated by _______ the wind
how does pollen get to the ovary after it is deposited on the stigma a tube grows
the tree that needs to have its roots in water. It contains the chemical that aspirin is made out of and has long, narrow leaves the willow
a tree that has tough,spiny leaves and was the most important source of food for local Native Americans, and is also an importnat source of food for wildlife Coast Live Oak
the gree that has the genetic capactity to be the logest lived, is only found in the fog febt of California, and has narrow needle like leaves Coast Redwood
the tree that has a nut that local Indians used to stun fish in streams, has palmately divided leaves and is drought deciduous California buckeye
The_________ tree is the tallest living thing on the planet, has the tiniest cones, and has evergreen leavse Coast Redwood
the tree is part of a family that produces acorns and used to be so widespread that out city was named for it Coast Live Oak
The tree that is deciduous. it has large palmate, simple leaves that turn yellow and drop in the fall. I likes to live near water and a close relative in the national tree of Canada Big leaf Maple
This tree has heart shaped leaves, small magenta (dark pink) flower, seed pods that look like pea pods, and native Americans use its young branches for maing baskets Redbud
The tree that has simple leaves with toothed edges, light colored bark and lives very close to water Alder
Created by: rootytooty02