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CNA - Quiz 2


What is the MOST important thing a nurse aide can do to prevent the spread of germs? wash own hands before and after toucing each resident
When preparing to lift, which of the following demonstrates good body mechanics? stand with feet apart
Which of the following is NOT the nurse aide's responsibility in caring for a resident with an indwelling catheter (Foley)? inserting the catheter
What does ambulate with assistance mean? the resident can walk with help
AIDS is a disease transmitted be sexual contact or sharing needles and syringes
A resident drank 2 ounces of coffee, 4 ounces of water, and 4 ounces of orange juice. How many ccs of fluid did the resident drink? 300
What is usually the first sign of a developing pressure sore? redness
If a resident is recovering from a broken leg and has a cast, what should the nurse aide do? check color of the toes and report changes
When approaching a resident with Alzheimer's disease, the nurse aide should: speak calmly and use simple words
Electrical equipment should never be touched if the hands are wet
The abbreviation b.i.d. means twice a day
What is the first step in organizing morning care? gather equipment
What should the nurse aide do if the level of urine in a urinary catheter bag has stayed the same for several hours? notify the charge nurse
To properly record a resident's height, it is important to know that: 12 inches equals a foot
Which can be used to help relieve dry skin? bath oil
A resident who has just died should be: handled with respect and dignity
A nurse aide should communicate resident information to the: charge nurse
What should the nurse aide do when a resident complains about the nursing home? listen and report the complaints to the nurse
Because low blood sugar can be a serious danger to residents with diabetes, the nurse aide should report any meals or snacks not eaten
A resident is clutching his throat and cannot speak. This is probably a sign that he is: choking
When a resident is placed in a chair by the bedside, the nurse aide should always remember to: put a call signal within reach
To avoid falls caused by spills, the nurse aide would: clean up the spill
If a fire is discovered in a resident's room, what is the FIRST thing the nurse aide should do? take the resident to a safe area
A resident is slow in dressing. The nurse aide should allow the resident to do it alone
An activity the helps a resident who has stiff finger joints is squeezing soft material in warm water
A resident says, "You will have to feed me. My arthritis hurts too badly to cut up my meat." What would be the best action by the nurse aide to encourage independence in eating? cut the meat and urge the resident to use the special eating utensils
A resident who is on bedrest should be provided with which piece of equipment to help prevent footdrop? foot board
Which of the following is NOT used to decrease pressure on the skin? incontinent pads
When applying elastic stockings, how should the resident be positioned? lying down in the bed
After explaining the use of the nurse call signal to a hard-of-hearing resident, the nurse aide is not sure that the resident understood. How can this be checked? have the resident repeat what was said
Which of the following is a basic safety rule to use when walking with a resident? allow the resident to use a handrail
When entering the room of a resident who is blind, it is important to greet the resident and identify yourself
Sitting a resident up too fast can cause dizziness
Before placing a hearing aid in a resident's ear, the nurse aide turns the volume down. then the nurse aide inserts it, makes sure it fits snugly, and turns the volume up. What did the nurse aide forget to do? check to make sure that the heading aid's battery was working
When assisting a resident with a weak left side from a wheelchair, the nurse aide shoud give support to the: weak side
When a resident is sleeeping in bed, the resident's eyeglasses should be: put in the drawer of the bedside stand
The ear piece/mold of a hearing aid is cleaned by: washing it in warm soapy water.
Which of the following is MOST helpful for a resident who frequently drops food off the plate plate rim
The purpose of a bladder training program is: help the resident regain as much cotnrol over urinary function as possible
What is the nurse aide's BEST response to a resident who is restless and cranky during the usual nap time? "Would you like to do something else while the other residents nap?"
When a resident is dying, the family or close friends should be allowed to stay as long as they wish
The nurse aide who finds a resident masturbating should: provide a private area for the resident to continue
When a resident starts to share spiritual beliefs with the nurse aide, the aide should: listen to what the resdient has to say
What is the last sense that a dying resident loses? hearing
Which of the follwing is the correct response for a grieving resident who is crying? "I'm here and I care for you."
How can the nurse aide BEST show respect for a resident? be a good listener
A resident refuses to eat a certain food because of religious principles. The nurse aide should: respect the resident's religion and tell the nurse
When caring for dying resident, the nurse aide should: respect the need for spiritual support
A bedside commode is: a portable toilet
Mouthcare in the unconscious resident needs to be done every: 2 hours
Which of the following should be used to brush and comb a resident's hair? The resident's personal comb and brush
What should a busy nurse adie do when a resident who wears diaper padding asks to go to the bathroom? assist the resident to the bathroom
The highest water temperature for a tub bath should be: 105 degrees F
What should be done for residents before assisting them to eat? sit them up
A condition in which the body has less than normal amount of water is called: dehydration
How should the nurse aide assist a resident to care for partial plates (removable artificial teeth attached to permanent teeth)? care for them as if they were full dentures
Two nurse aides prepare to give a resident a complete bed bath and one of them removes all the covers and clothes from the resident. What should the other aide do? cover the resident to avoid chill or embarrassment and explain the action
What is the correct way to dress and undress a resident who has a weakness on one side of the body? dress the weak side first; undress the weak side last
The proper way to care for long tangled hair is to: comb one section at a time
Before giving a resident a bath, the nurse aide should FIRST: check the temperature of the water
If the assignment for a resident is to "encourage fluids" what mus the nurse aide remember to do? give a variety of fluids often
While giving a resident a bath, the nurse aide notices new bruises on the resident's back, the nurse aide should: report this to the charge nurse
The nurse aide who sees another nurse aide slap a resident should immediately: report the incident to the charge nurse
A nurse aide does not close the door during a resident's bath. Which resident right did the nurse aide violate? privacy
A resident tells the nurse aide that she had a child out of marriage over sixty years ago, and that she does not want her husband to know this information. What should the nurse aide do with this information? keep it confidential and private
It would be okay to call the resident "Granny" when the: resident requests it
The only purpose for using a restraint is: to ensure safety of the resident or others
How can the nurse aide BEST help a resident maintain self esteem? alllow the resident to direct and control personal care as much as possible
What should a nurse aide tell a resident who ask for help in writing a letter? "Let's set a time when I can help you."
A resident who wears a wig understands that the nurse aide will not talk about this outside the facility because the information is confidential
If a resident is not feeling well and refuses to attend social activities, the nurse aide should: allow the resident to remain in the room and report it to the charge nurse
A resident reports that a certain nurse aide has neglected her. The nurse aide should: report the complaint to the charge nurse
A resident has soiled his clothing after the nurse aide just finished changing him. The aide should: immediately change him again
A nurse aide hears angry voices and then a cry from a resdient's room. The aide's immediate responsibility is to: enter the room and find out what has happened
Created by: drentoria