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Athena and Diana


What is Diana's Greek name? Artemis
Who are Diana's parents? Zues and Leto
What were Diana's jobs? Goddess of moon and hunting
What were Diana's symbols? Deer and moon
What is the story of Orion? Apollo tricked Diana into shooting a rock in the water but the rock was actually Orion. Diana felt bad and made him into a constellation.
What is the story of Endymoin? Diana liked him but neglected her duties as goddess of the moon and hunting. So as a punishment Endymion has to choose between death or eternal sleep. He picked sleep.
What is the story of Actaeon? He accidentally saw Diana bathing and she turned him into a deer and he was killed by his own hunting dogs.
What is Minerva's Greek name? Athena
What is the story of how Athena was born? Zeus had a bad headache so he ordered Vulcan to split his head open and Minerva popped out fully grown and with armor.
What are Minerva's jobs? Goddess of wisdom, war, and weaving (www).
What were Minerva's symbols? Olive, owl, and armor
What is the Parthenon? Athena's famous temple. Its located in Acropolis Greece.
What is the Panthenon? A temple dedicated to all of the gods. Located in Rome.
What is the story of Arachne? A good weaver named Arachne challenged Minerva to a weaving contest. Arachne lost and was turned into a spider.
Created by: sockies