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4th block

The study of water Hydrollogy
The study of Earth Geology
The study of Earth's processes changing over time geologic evolution
Everywhere on Earth where water exists hydrosphere
A rock body that stores water and allows water to pass through aquifer
the amount of particles in a body of water turbidity
the amount of acids and bases in a body of water P.H
The process on the the causes seafloor to divide sea floor spreading
The chains of mountains found on the seafloor- created by magma pushing seafloor apart mid ocean ridge
when the temperature of a body of water go up___________goes down D.O
when temp of water goes up______goes down salinity
When 2 substances combine and form small cloudy particles percipitate
these marine organisms live on the bottom of the ocean floor benthos
these marine organisms swim in the open ocean nekton
These are living things that help scientists to determine if an environment is healthy or not______ bio-indicators
this is technology that allows scientists to determine ocean floor depth sonar
This is considered run-off from the city. urban run off
This is considered run-off that comes from farmland? agricultural run off
These types of maps allow us to determine elevation of an area of land topographic maps
This tool is used to measure mass. balance
This is a tool used to measure liquid volume? graduated cylindar
Na is a? element
NaCl is a? compound
water is polar. What does this mean? both positive and negative charge
water is the universal solvent. What does this mean? most substances can dissolve in water
compounds of nitrogeon and oxygen found in most fertilizers
over growth of algea
ice melting
a feather is more boyant in a swimming pool
led is dencer than water
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