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Claims for relief (1) short and plain statement jurisdiction (2) short and plain statement of claim (3) demand for judgment for the relief Rule 8 A
Defenses; admissions and denials Rule 8 B
Affirmative defenses Rule 8 C
pleading to be concise and direct; alternative statements; inconsistency Rule 8 D
construing pleadings. pleadings must be construed so as to do justice Rule 8 E
general rules of pleadings Rule 8
pleading special matters Rule 9
capacity Rule 9 A
fraud, mistake, condition of the mind Rule 9 B
special damage. If an item of special damage is claimed, it must be specifically stated. Rule 9 D
signature Rule 11 A
representation to the court Rule 11 B
sanctions Rule 11 C
inapplicability to discovery Rule 11 D
lack of SMJ Rule 12 B 1
lack of PJ Rule 12 B 2
improper venue Rule 12 B 3
insufficiency of process Rule 12 B 4
insufficiency of service of process Rule 12 B 5
failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted Rule 12 B 6
failure to join a party under Rule 19 Rule 12 B 7
motion for a more definite statement Rule 12 E
joining motions. (1) right to join. (2) limitation on further motions. Rule 12 G
waiver or preservation of certain defenses Rule 12 H
counterclaim and crossclaim Rule 13
compulsory counterclaims Rule 13 A
permissive counterclaims Rule 13 B
cross-claim against co-party Rule 13 G
joinder of additional parties Rule 13 H
third party practice Rule 14
when D may bring in 3rd-Party. (1) Timing of Summons and Complaint. (2) 3-P D’s Claims & Defenses. (3) P’s Claims Against a 3-P D. (4) Motion to Strike, Sever, or Try Separately. (5) 3-P D’s Claim Against a Nonparty. (6) 3-P Complaint in Rem. Rule 14 A
when plaintiff may bring in 3rd party Rule 14 B
Amendments Before Trial. (1) Amending as a Matter of Course. (2) Other Amendments. (3) Time to Respond. Rule 15 A
Amendments During and After Trial Rule 15 B
relation back to amendments Rule 15 C
supplemental pleadings Rule 15 D
joinder of claims Rule 18
joinder of claims. in general. Rule 18 A
Joinder of Contingent Claims Rule 18 B
compulsory joinder Rule 19
persons to be joined if feasible Rule 19 A
When Joinder is Not Feasible. Rule 19 B
Pleading reasons for nonjoinder Rule 19 C
permissive joinder of parties Rule 20
Persons Who May Join or Be Joined. Rule 20 A
Protective Measures. Rule 20 B
interpleader Rule 22
intervention Rule 24
intervention of right Rule 24 A
permissive intervention Rule 24 B
Notice and Pleading Required Rule 24 C
dismissal of actions Rule 41
voluntary dismissal (1) by plaintiff (2) By Court Order; Effect. Rule 41 A
involuntary dismissal; effect Rule 41 B
Dismissing a Counterclaim, Crossclaim, or Third-Party Claim Rule 41 C
entering a default Rule 55 A
Entering a Default Judgment. Rule 55 B
Setting aside a default or a default judgment. Rule 55 C
judgment against the US Rule 55 E
jurisdiction and venue unaffected Rule 82
statutory interpleader 28 USC 1335
supplemental jurisdiction 28 USC 1367
venue 28 USC 1391
a civil action wherein jurisdiction is founded only on diversity of citizenship 1391 A
a civil action wherein jurisdiction is NOT founded solely on diversity of citizenship 1391 B
for purposes of venue, when defendant is a corporation shall be deemed to reside in any judicial district in which it is subject to PJ @ time action is commenced 1391 C
an alien may be sued in any district 1391 D
Created by: scottsmith81