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Romaji phrases

Romaji short phrases

Hai Yes
Iie no
Arigatoo Thank you
Iie, kekkoo desu No thank you
Doo itashimashite You're welcome
Sumimasen Excuse me. (Apologizing)
Anoo, sumimasen Excuse me (getting someone's attention)
Gomen nasai Sorry
Daijoobu desu ka? Are you okay?
Daijoobu desu I'm okay
Moo ichido, onegai dekimasu ka? Could you repeat that please?
Sumimasen, moo ichido One more time
Honto? Really?
Wakarimasen I don't understand
Wakarimashita I got it
Koohii kudasai Coffee please
Ikimashoo Let's go
Sugoi ne This is fantastic
Chotto matte Wait!
Tasuketee Help
Ohayoo gozaimasu Good morning
Konnichiwa Good afternoon
Kombanwa Good evening
Hajimemashite, doozo yoroshiku Pleased to meet you
Kochira koso, doozo yoroshiku The pleasure is mine
Chooshi wa doo desu ka? How are things?
Sayoonara Good-bye
Oyasumi nasai Good night
Soreja, mata See you later
Jaa ne See ya
Mata ashita See you tomorrow
Moo ikanai to I've got to go
Mata chikai uchi ni Let's meet again soon
Created by: GrannysOnARole