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Unit 14 test


Slugs,snails and worms are part of what class? Gastropoda
"Escargot" is really a fancy name for what? Snails... they are served in upscale restaurants
Why do gastropods only come out after the sun has gone in? The sun will dry them out
The word "Gastropod" comes from two Greek words meaning what? belly and foot
snails and slugs leave different kinds of trails what are they? Snails leave a solid trail and slugs a broken trail
If you wake up to find that the leaves in your garden plants are full of holes... what probably happened? Snails or slugs ate them overnight
The shell of the snail is produced by what? the mantle
Where are gastropods eyes located? on their tenacles
How do dogs and cats get worms? from eating infected fleas
How can we avoid getting parasites? Wash your hands, cook meat thoroughly
How is the snails muscus beneficial? helps it to move around and also it is a defense
What is the name for the gastropods raspy tongue? radula
What are the sensory tenacles for? they help the gastropod to taste and feel
What does the word hermaphrodite mean? male and female
The earthworm is what kind of worm? segmented
Another word for roundworms is... nematode
How do earthworms move from place to place? The earthworm has bristes called setae on its underside it uses to anchor itself with and lengthens and shortens its body to move.
2 Ways you can avoid getting parasites? Wash your hands cook meat thoroughly
What is the most common annelid? earthworm
What are the most common roundworm parasites? pinworms
Created by: kimberi10