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5th Science Rev

TAKS review

behavior you're not born knowing how to do, you must be taught learned behavior
an inherited trait that helps an organism meets its needs adaptation
living things such as plants and animals, including people organisms
behaviors animals are born knowing how to do instinctive behaviors
the place where an animal or species lives habitat
process by which plants use carbon dioxide,gas,water and energy from the sun to produce its' own food photosynthesis
a species that eats or consumes only plants herbivores
a consumer that eats other consumers (a meat eater) carnivore
a consumer that eats both poducers and other consumers (plant and meats) omnivore
organisms which get their energy by breaking down dead organisms and the wastes of living decomposers
a diagram that shows how energy moves from one organism to another in an ecosystem food web
when water at Earth's surface moves into the air evaporation
when water falls back to the ground precipitation
when water condenses to form clouds condensation
release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis plants
breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide animals
chemicals needed for growth proteins
anything that takes up space and has mass matter
the amount of matter in an object mass
the measure of force of gravity on an object weight
the three state of matter solid, liquid, and gas
state of matter in which particles are packed tightly together and it maintains its shape solid
state of matter in which the particles flow past each other and it takes on the shape of its container liquid
state of matter in which the particles flow freely and they take on both the shape and the volume of their container gas
when two or more substances are mixed together but can be physically separated fairly easily mixture
a mixture in which one substance dissolves into another solution
energy that comes from the sun solar energy
movement of electricity through an electric circuit electric current
a motion that causes sound vibration
the process by which a liquid changes to a solid freezing
the process by which a gas changes to a liquid condensation
the bending of light refraction
the bouncing of light reflection
any push of pull force
the only part of the solar system which produces light of its' own sun
breaking down rocks weathering
carrying sediments to another location erosion
resources that can be replaced in a short amount of time renewable resources
resources that cannot be replaced in a short amount of time,people will use them up before they can be replaced by nature nonrenewable resources
resources that people cannot use up inexhaustible resources
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