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Test Chapter 14

Zoology Test 14

Gastropoda means: "belly" and "foot"
What is the main difference between a slug and a snail? The snail has a NOTICEABLE shell.
Name the ways a snail's mucus helps it. 1. Keeps it moist. 2. Helps it crawl. 3. Defense against predators.
Why do other snails or slugs follow the trail they leave behind? To conserve energy.
Describe the trail of a snail and slug. They are different. snail = broken into small blotches, slug = unbroken trial of slime
How does a gastropod (snail or slug) eat? By scraping food into its mouth with its radula.
What is a radula? The gastropods tongue.
Name the 3 basic types of worms: flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms
Which worm is found everywhere on our planet, even Antarctica? Roundworms
Name the most common annelid. The earthworm
What does "annellus" mean? "little ring"
Earthworms are segmented worms. T or F True (The rings around their body form segments)
Anything an earthworm can digest as food gets digested, and the rest comes out the back end. What is this called? earthworm casting
Why must an annelid's cuticle stay wet? They breathe through it.
What is the name of the tiny bristles on the bottom of an earthworm? Setae
The head of a worm is called the _______________ end. Anterior
The tail end of a worm is called the _____________ end. Posterior
When earthworms mate, only the female lays eggs. T or F FALSE (They both lay eggs that hatch into small worm)
Created by: elizabethzoology