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Lesson 28 New Words

New Practical Chinese Reader 2 Textbook

lǐ qīng qíngyì zhòng The gift is trifling but the sentiment is profound 礼轻情意重
jiérì festival 节日
zhǔnbèi to prepare 准备
yuèbǐng moon cake 月饼
shuǐguǒ fruit 水果
píjiǔ beer 啤酒
shǎng to admire; to enjoy 赏
jìniànpǐn souvenir 纪念品
xīwàng to hope/hope 希望
máobǐ writing brush 毛笔
wénfáng sìbǎo the four treasures of the study 文房四宝
....zhīyī one of 。。。之一
míngpái famous brand 名牌
shūfǎ calligraphy 书法
wéijīn scarf 围巾
dài to put on; to wear 戴
nàme so; like that 那么
shōu to receive; to accept 收
xiǎoyìsi just a small token 小意思
gānbēi to drink a toast; Cheers! 干杯
yuèliang moon 月亮
Zhōngqiū Jié the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节
Chūn Jié Spring Festival, Chinese New Year 春节
búguò however; but 不过
chēngzàn to praise 称赞
biǎoshì to show; to express/expression 表示
gǎnxiè to thank 感谢
zūnzhòng to respect; to value 尊重
dédào to get 得到
jīngxǐ pleasant surprise 惊喜
biéren other people 别人
yìbān general, ordinary 一般
zhòngyào important 重要
yǒuyì friendship 友谊
dānxīn to worry 担心
táng sweets; candy 糖
tèsè characteristic; distinguishing feature 特色
Created by: andreakim91