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latin unit 10

Aestas atis f summer
Colo ere, colui, coactus till
Communis e common
Cor cordis, n. heart
Curro ere, cucurri cursurus run
Dum while
Expello ere, expuli, evpulsus drive out
Expugno are, avi, atus capture by assault
Frango ere, fregi, fractus break
Frater fratris m. brother
Genus generis, n birth
Hic haec, hoc, this
Hiems hiemis f. winter
Idem eadem, idem the same
Ille illa, illud, that
Incertus a, um uncertain
Intercipio ere, cepi, ceptus intercept
Ipse ipsa, ipsum self, the very
Is ea, id, he she it
Mater matris, f. mother
Mors mortis mortium f, death
Nihil n. nothing
Nobilis e nobel
Pars partis partium f. part
Pons pontis, pontium M. bridge
Potestas tatis, f. power
Praeceps praecipitis head first steep
Qui (adj) quae, quod what? Which?
Qui (pronoun) quae quod, who which what that
Quis quid? Who? What?
Quondam once
Remitto ere, remisi remissus, relax
Sedeo ere, sedi, sessurus sit
Soror oris, f. sister
Spero are, avi, atus, hope for
Spiro are, avi, atus breath
Supplicium ci, N. punishment
Tango ere, tetigi, tacttus hold keep
Timeo ere, timui, ----, fear
Created by: eaglesoars