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S.S Unit 7- Africa

A guide for the Social Studies Unit 7 test of Africa

Much of Africa is a ___ in the center with low lying basins that _ mighty rivers flow from high plateau, four
Africa is the ___ largest continent and contains ___ countries along with six island nations Second largest, 47 countries
What is the main feature of North Africa and is the largest desert in the world? Sahara desert
South of the Shara is what? What is also the 3rd longest river in Africa that flows right through it? Sahel is south of the Sahara, Niger River
Also contained in the Sahel, this lake has been shrinking in size over many years Lake Chad
Which three large lakes are in or near the Great Rift Valley? Lake Tanganyika the longest freshwater lake in the world Lake Victoria the world’s second largest freshwater lake Lake Malawi the world’s ninth largest
The Congo Basin contains which features? Congo and Zambezi River (Which includes many waterfalls such as Victoria Falls_
What are the two deserts in the southern region? Namib and Kalahari
What is Africa's climate all year round? Warm
North Africa is mostly which "feature" along the Mediterranean Sea with a Med. Sea climate? Desert
West Africa is ___ in the north and ___ as you move south Dry, tropical
All of East Africa is dry except what? Ethiopian Highlands(Has a highlands climate and the southern part with a tropical wet and dry climate)
Ethiopian Highlands contains the highest point in Africa which is called? Mt. Kilimanjaro
Central and South Africa have type of climate near the Equator, Indian Ocean, and coastal regions Equator- Tropical Indian Ocean- Marine west coast coastal regions- Humid subtropical South- dry
Madagascar has three climate regions... Name them East- Tropical Northwest/Central/Semiarid- Tropical wet/dry
What percentage of Africa is tropical grassland or savanna? 40%(2/5)
North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Central and South Africa... List there "main" physical features. N Africa- desert W Africa- tropical grassland and rainforest E Africa- tropical grassland and highlands Central + S Africa- broadleaf evergreens to desert
What is the largest and smallest country of Africa? Largest is Sudan, smallest is Seychelles
How many languages do Africans "approximately" speak at least? 2,000 languages (Arabic and Swahili widely used)
Proof by scientists, bones dating back millions of years in which area of the world? Also known as the "Birthplace of the Human race" Africa
What year did the Europeans arrive in Africa? 1400's
What civilization came to the west coast of Africa to get ___, but soon shipped ___ to Europe Gold, slaves
What year did Atlantic Slave trade end? 1850
In what country and year did the first black African nation to gain independence, within ___ years, most other areas had become independent of colonial rule? 1957, Ghana, ten
Few people were prepared for what type of year, and struggled to create stable ___ and had ___ tensions in countries self rule, governments, ethnic
What year did most African nations formed the African Union to help promote peace, human rights and improve public health? 2002
How many people does Africa have? What is the major religions in order of greatest to least. 906 million people. Christian, Islamic, Indigenous
What is an important activity in Africa? Mining... Oil in the North and West, diamond and gold mines in the Central and Southern portions
Grassland of North and East Africa is used for what? Nomadic herding
More than 1/2 of Africa's farmland is used for what? subsistence farming
Most trade and manufacturing is done in the country of...? South Africa
Which West African country has the largest population in Africa? Nigeria
What is Nigeria's major mineral resource and largest export? oil
What is the main religion in West Africa? Muslim
Which West African county was the first to become independent in 1957? Ghana
What is Sudan's main export? cotton
What religion do 50% of the people of Angola practice? Roman Catholic
What are South Africa's three largest ethnic groups? Sotho, Zulu, and Xhoso
What country produces most of the world's vanilia beans? Madagascar
Why was the African National Conference formed in 1912? Hopes of power
Europeans in South Africa created and spoke a language called... Afrikaans
What country is thought to be the world's original home to coffee? Ethiopia
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