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soc 488

midterm 1

multicultural theory theorizes for the powerless and works for social change. Focuses on the importance of recognition of subgroups within minorities and their need to be included. The increasing diversity of sociological theory
"queer theory" rejection of any single identity. All identities are multiple or composit, unstable or exclusionary. Rejects the heterosexual-homosexual dichotomy and seeks to move queer theory in direction of more general social theory.
standpoint theory a theory that looks at the social world from a particular vantage point
grand theory a vast, highly ambitious effort to tell the story of a great stretch of human history and/or a large portion of the social world.
theories of everyday life Focus on mundane activities as individual thought and action. symbolic interactionism(Mead) dramaturgy (Goffman) ethnomethodology(Garfinkel) Exchange Theory (Homans) Rational Choice Theory (Coleman)
Cultural convergence focuses on areas in which cultures are growing alike. 'McDonaldization' as a global force
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