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Stack #60658

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 9

aiō (defective verb) [pres.: aiō, ais, ait, --, --, aiunt imperf.: aiēbam, etc (complete) pres. subjunctive: --, aiās, aiat, --, --, aiant] say, affirm
amīcitia, -ae, F. friendship
cadō, -ere, cecidī, cāsus fall
cāsus, -ūs, M. fall, accident, occurrence, chance
cōnsilium, -ī, N. counsel, plan, advice
crūdēlis, -e cruel
dēmēns, dēmentis mad, raving
facilis, -e easy
facile (adv.) easily
difficilis, -e difficult
gracilis, -e slender, unadorned, simple
hospes, -itis, M. guest, host
humilis, -e humble, lowly
laudō (1) praise
laus, laudis, F. praise
magnopere (adv.) greatly
maiōrēs, -um, M. pl. ancestors
male (adv.) badly
Mārs, Mārtis, M. Mars (god of war)
multum (adv.) much, very
mūniō, -īre, -īvī, -ītus fortify
nam (conj.) for
odium, -ī, N. hatred
parum (adv. and indiclinable adj.) too little, not enough
parvus, -a, -um little, small
prius (adv.) before, previously
quam prīmum as soon as possible
proximus, -a, -um nearest, next
quam (conj.) than (used in comparisons)
saepe (adv.) often
sapiēns, -ntis wise
sapientia, -ae, F. wisdom
satis (adv. and indeclinable adj.) enough
serēnus, -a, -um serene, calm
similis, -e like, similar (to) (+ gen. or dat.)
dissimilis, -e dissimilar, unlike (+ gen. or dat.)
solvō, -ere, solvī, solūtus loosen, free, untie
summus, -a, -um highest, top (of)
supplex, supplicis suppliant, humble
tam (adv.) so
tam...quam so...as, as...as
templum, -ī, N. temple
tūtus, -a, -um safe
Created by: alcarohtare