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Frontline® (Fipronil Inhibits GABA regulated chloride channel of fleas & ticks Topical for cats and dogs (toxic to rabbits) Application 1/month
Revolution® (Selamectin) Stimulates the release of GABA in nematodes & arthropods Topical for cats and dogs Application 1/month
Advantage® (Imidacloprid) Causes CNS impairments in fleas (adult & larval) Topical for cats Application 1/month K9Advantix® for dogs- fleas, ticks, mosquitoes Toxic to cats
Tri-Heart® Plus (Ivermectin/Pyrantel) Causes release of GABA in nematodes and arthropods and is a neuro-muscular-blocking agent in ascarids 1 chewable/month Dogs only, cats take Heartguard®
Ctenocephalides canis/ felis Flea
Rhipicephalus sanguineus Brown Dog Tick
Otodectes cynotis Ear Mite
Mange Skin Disease caused by mites
Sarcoptes scabei Sarcoptes mite
Ancylostoma caninum Southern Hookworm
Toxascaris leonina Ascarid/roundworm
Trichuris vulpis Whipworm
Dirofilaria immitis Heartworm
Dipylidium caninum Flea Tapeworm
Isopora spp Coccidia
Giardia canis Giardia
Created by: aamyers42