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1과 새어휘 문법

1과 새어휘 문법 (Metro) 서강 한국어

격려 (하다) urge on, encourage, stir up, peep
부상 1. father passed on (부상을 당했어요) 2. rise to the surface 3. injury, wound 4. supplementary prize
사형 1. capital punishment 2. death penalty
선고 (하다) 1. one's deceased father 2. announce, sentence
사형 선고 sentence of death
안무(가) choreograph, arrangement (choreographer)
의학 medical medicane
장애인 a disabled person
전부 all, the whole lot, entire lot
충격 an impact, a shock, impulse
한계 obstacals, boundary, bounds, limits
부딪히다 be run (smashed, bumped) against, into, collided
누리다 play, enjoy, blessed with
뛰어들다 jump
막다 stop up, fill
보장되다 guarantee
다름없다 does not stop
활발히 actively, briskly
-은/는 커녕~ anything but, far from, not at all
각오하다 1. preparedness, readiness 2. make up one's mind, a resolution
절반하다 half, cut in half
접하다 1. touch, come in contact with 2. adjoin 3. receive 4. meet with, come across
타고나다 be born with
피나는 노력 끝에 work so hard, till I bleed
-에 달려 있다 rests on your, depends on your (우리의 앞날은 당신ㅢ 선택 애 달려 있다)
죽을 가오로 if I can't/don't I'll die so I have to
재산 estate, fortune, property
전부 entire
쇄신하다 innovation
활발하다/내성격 outgoing/introvert
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