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how get to airp2

how to get to the airport2

你的英文很好. Nĭ de yīng wén hěn hăo. Your English is very good.
请告诉我去机场怎么走? Qĭng gào sù wŏ qù jī chăng zěnme zŏu. Please tell me how to get to the airport.
中国的首都是北京. Zhōng guό de shŏu dū shì Běi jīng. The capital of China is Běijīng.
这是几航站楼?? Zhè shì jĭ hào háng zhàn lόu Which Terminal is this?
我需要打车. Wŏ xū yào dă chē. I need to take a taxi.
我在什么地方下车?. Wŏ zài shén me dì fāng xià chē? Where do I get off?
去机场需要多长时间? Qù jī chăng xū yào duō cháng shí jiān? How long does it take to go to the airport?
飞机什么时间起飞? Fēi jī shénme shí jiān qĭ fēi? When will the airplane take off?
到机场需要几个小时? Dào jī chăng xū yào jĭ gè xiăo shí. How many hours does it take to get to the airport?
地铁在哪儿? dì tiě zài năr? Where is the underground?
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