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1st Declension Vocab

Stack #60569

1st Declension WordAnd Definition
puella, puellae, f girl
amica, amicae, f friend
villa rustica country house and farm
villa, villae country house
silva, silvae,f woods, forest
epistula, epistulae letter, letters
ianua, iuanuae door
hora, horae hour
cista, cistae trunk, chest
via, viae road, street
raeda, raedae carriage
porta, portae gate
filia, filiae daughter
auriga, aurigae, M charioteer
fossa, fossae,f ditch
rota, rotae,f wheel
pila, pilae,f ball
patria, patriae, f native land, country
pecunia, pecuniae, f money
lectica, lecticae,f litter
taberna, tabernae shop
poeta, poetae poet
insula, insulae island/ apartment building
ara, arae altar
caupona, cauponae inn
cauda, caudae tail
cena, cenae dinner
fabula, fabulae story
patria, patriae native land, country
pecunia, pecuniae money
lectica, lecticae litter
turba, turbae crowd, mob
Curia, Curiae Senate House
causa, causae, f reason, cause
Created by: jennie