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Prostaglandin E1 MOA stim adenylyl cyclase, inc cAMP, relax VSM
Prostaglandin E1 use treat heart defects in infants, ED
Milrinone MOA PDE inhibitor, slows cAMP degradation
Milrinone use Treat Failure
Nitroglycerine MOA inc NO production- VSM relaxation
Nitroglycerine use Treat angina, CHF, MI
Nitroglycerine adverse Hypotension, contraindicated with viagra
Furosemide class Diuretic (loop diuretic)- most effective
Furosemide use hypertension, edema, CHF, renal failure symptoms
Diuretic adverse Rxn Electrolyte disturbance
Acetazolamide Diuretic (Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor)
Acetazolamide use Hypertension, edema, CHF, renal failure symptoms
Hydrochlorothiazide class Diuretic
Hydrochlorothiazide use hypertension, edema, CHF, renal failure symptoms
Cardioactive antihypertensives lower BP- Tx hypertension and heart failure
Cardioactive antihypertensive drugs B blockers, Ca channel blockers
Isoproterenol B1/B2 agonist
B1 agonist action inc. cAMP, activate Ca channels- Ca influx
B2 agonist action inc. cAMP, phospholamban activation, stim SERCA- Ca sequestration
B1 agonist use tx. cardiogenic shock, heart failure
B2 agonist use tx. asthma, emphysema
Dopamine MOA dose dependent
low dose dopamine dopamine receptor agonist
high dose dompamine conversion to NE- a-receptor agonist
dopamine receptor agonist vasodilation in renal system
Methotrexate MOA dihydrofolate reductase competitive inhibitor
Methotrexate use tx. cancer, autoimmune disease
Digoxin class cardiac glycoside
Digoxin MOA Inh. Na/Ca exchange (dec. Ca efflux), inh. Na/K ATPase (decreases gradient)
Digoxin use Tx. heart failure
Digoxin adverse dec. QT interva., inc. PR interval, ST depression
Propranolol class Non-Selective B-antag
Propranolol use Hypertension
B-blocker adverse dec. exercise tolerance, bradycardia, conduction probs in heart
B-blocker contraindication Heart failure
Acebutolol Cardioselective B1 with ISA
Atenolol Cardioselective B1 without ISA
Propranolol Non-cardioselective B1/B2 without ISA
Pindolol Non-cardioselective B1/B2 with ISA
Norepinephrine A1 receptor agonist
Norepinephrine MOA Gq activation- sm muscle contrxn
Norepinephrine effect vasoconstrictor
Norepinephrine use Tx. hypotension, nasal congestion
Clonidine class Sympatholytic
Clonidine MOA A2 agonist- inhibit vasomotor center in medulla oblongata, dec. symp activity
Clonidine use tx. hypertension
Clonidine adverse Can constrict coronaries (post-synaptic response)
Prazosin class A1 antagonist
Prazosin MOA Reduces NE/Epi binding, causing vasodilation
Prazosin use tx. hypertension
Prazosin adverse orthostatic hypertension
Captopril ACE Inhibitor
Captopril MOA Reduce Ang conversion, inhibit bradykinin degradation- vasodilation
Captopril use hypertension, CHF, MI
Captopril adverse Renal failure with art stenosis, bradykinin in lungs
Losartan class Ang II Receptor Blocker
Losartan use hypertension, CHF
Losartan adverse renal failure with art stenosis
Nifedipine Ca channel blocker
Nifedipine use hypertension, vasospastic angina, arrhythmia
Nifedipine adverse depress heart function
Acetominophen MOA Inhibits COX 1 and 2- increases pain threshold and reduces fever
Acetominophen use pain/fever
Prednisone MOA inhibits phospholipase A2, red. inflammation
Prednisone use inflammation, autoimmune disease
Nitroglycerine class nitrate vasodilator
Nitrate MOA inc. No production, inactivate MLCK- VSM relaxation
Nitrate use angina, CHF, MI
Sumatriptan MOA stim presynaptic receptors, inhibiting dural vasodilation and inflammation
Sumatriptan uses Migraines/headaches
Nifedipine subclass Dihydropyridine- Ca blocker
Verapamil Phenylalkylamine subclass of Ca blockers
Verapamil Affects heart more than BVs
Verapamil potent neg chronotrope, inotrope, and dromotrope
Dilitiazem Benzothiazepine subclass of Ca channel blockers
Dilitiazem affects heart and BVs
Levosimendan Ca Sensitizer
Levosimendan MOA Inc Sens of cardiac troponin to Ca
Levosimendan MOA Ca sens + PDE III inhibition- vasodilation
Levosimendan use Heart failure
Levosimendan adverse Hypotension and reflex tachycardia
Isocarboxazid MAOI- affects NE metabolism
Isocarboxazid use depression
Tolcapone COMT inhibitor- affects NE metabolism
Tolcapone use Parkinsons
Mecamylamine Nicotinic antagonist
Mecamylamine reduce BP
Mecamylamine use Surgical BP control
Demecarium Ambenonium Indirect cholinergic agonist (AChE inhibitor)
Demecarium use open angle glaucoma, myasthenia gravis
Pilocarpine Cholinomimetic- muscarinic agonist
Pilocarpine use ocular hypertension, open and closed angle glaucoma
Tolterodine Anticholinergic- muscarinic antagonist
Tolterodine use Overactive bladder
Atropine Anticholinergic- muscarinic antagonist
Atropine use reduce airway secretions during intubation
Amphetamine Affects NE release
Amphetamine use ADHD
Desipramine Affects NE Reuptake
Desipramine use depression
Reserpine Affects Vesicular packaging of NE
Reserpine use hypertension
Metyrosine affects NE synthesis
Metyrosine use tx pheocromacytoma
B antagonist without ISA full antagonists
atenolol, metoprolol B1 (cardioselective) antagonists
Carvedilol, Labetolol, Nadolol, Propranolol B1/B2 (noncardioselective) antagonist
B-Antagonists with ISA Act as partial agonists
Acebutolol Cardioselective B1
Penbutolol, Careolol, Pindolol Non-cardioselective B1/B2
Terbutaline B2 Agonist
Terbutaline uses asthma, emphysema (relaxes airways)
Dobutamine B1 agonist
Dobutamine use Tx. Cardiac decomposition
Metoprolol B1 antagonist
Metoprolol use tx. hypertension
Yohimbine A2 antagonist
Yohimbine use Tx ED (injection), produce miosis
Phenylephrine A1 agonist
Phenylephrine use tx. hypotension, congestion
A1 receptor high affinity for Epi
A2 receptor high affinity for epinephrine
B1 receptor high affinity for Isoproteronol
B2 receptor high affinity for Isoproteronol
M2 Receptor signaling Gi/G0- hyperpolarization and inhibition
M3 Receptor signaling Gq- depolarization and excitation
B2 Receptor signaling Gs- inc. adenylyl cyclase
A1 Receptor signaling Gq- depolarization and excitation, Gi/0- inc PLA2
B1 Receptor signaling Gs- incl adenylyl cyclase
A2 Receptor signaling Gi- dec. adenylyl cyclase, G0- inh. Ca channels, inc PLC and PLA2
Created by: glavik