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Ch. 5 Human Geo

geo boundary-physical boundary

Geometric Boundary political boundaries that are defined and delimited by straight lines
Gerrymandering The designation of voting districts so as to favor a particular political party or candidate
Heartland Theory Hypothesis proposed by Halford Mackinder that held that any political power based in the heart of Eurasia could gain enough strength to eventually dominate the world
Imperialism The perpetuation of a colonial empire even after it is no longer politically sovereign
International Organization An alliance of two or more countries seeking cooperation with each other without giving up either's autonomy or self-determination
Landlocked state A state that is completely surrounded by the land of other states, which gives it a disadvantage in terms of accessibility to and from international trade routes.
Law of the Sea Law establishing states rights and responsibilities concerning the ownership and use of the earths seas and oceans and their resources.
Lebensraum Hitler's expansionist theory based on a drive to acquire "living space" for the german people
Microstate A state or territory that is small in both population and area
Nation Tightly knit group of individuals sharing a common language, ethnicity, religion, and other cultural attributes.
Nationalism A sense of national pride to such an extent of exalting one nation above all others
Nation-State A country whose population possesses a substantial degree of cultural homogeneity and unity
North American Free Trade Agreement Agreement signed on January 1st, 1994, that allows the opening of borders between the U.S, Mexico and Canada
North Atlantic Treaty Organization An international organization that has joined together for military purposes
North/South divide The economic division between the wealthy countries of Europe and North America, Japan and Australia and the generally poorer countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America
Organic Theory The view that states resemble biological organisms with life cycles that include stages of youth, maturity and old age
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries An international economic organization whose member countries all produce and export oil
Perforated State A state whose territory completely surrounds that of another state
Physical Boundary Poliical Boundaries that correspond with prominent physical feats such as mountain ranges or rivers.
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