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Photosynthesis Vocab

Radiant Energy Light and heat energy that is transmitted through electromagnetic waves.
Solar Energy Energy that comes from the sun and converted to electricity by solar panels.
Chemical Energy Energy that is stored and can be released in a chemical reactioin.
Producers Organism that makes its own food. (plants)
Biomess Organic (living) matter that can be converted to fuel.
Photosynthesis Process where plants convert the sun's energy into food.
Decay When living material dies and breaks down.
Compost bin Container where stored, dead matter breaks down.
Cycling To use over and over again.
Autotrophs When plants can produce their own energy.
Chloroplast An organelle in the plants cells in the leaves of green plants.
Benefits of composting organic material Provises natural and organic fertilizer, reduces the amount of organic waste in landfillls, and helps buffer the sail from chemical imbalances.
What three things needs to happen in order for photosyntheis to occur? sunlight, water and corbon dioxide.
Examples of decomposers Bacteria fungi earthworms and dung beetles.
Where does Photosynthesis occurs? Leaves
What does plant cell have that helps them hold water? Cell wall
What does Photosynthesis produces? Sugar which plants store for energy and Oxygen which release into the environment.
What are common materials that can be placed in your compost bin? Anything organic, yard trimmings, food scraps, wood waste, papper and paperboard products.
Created by: mharlan