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lessons 73&74

羡慕 xian4mu4 envy
heng2 steel (one's heart)
拉链儿 la1lian4r zipper
无聊 wu2liao2 bored
tui1 push
hou3 shout
走运 zou3yun4 lucky
招呼 zhao1hu greet
讨好 tao3hao3 rewarding; ingratiate oneself with
急忙 ji2mang2 hurriedly
网络 wang3luo4 network
世纪 shi4ji4 century
多媒体 duo1mei2ti3 multimedia
jie1 connect
屏幕 ping2mu4 screen
邮件 you2jian4 mail
同行 tong2hang2 people of the same trade or proffession
信息 xin4xi1 information
通过 tong1guo4 through; pass through
语音 yu3yin1 pronounciation
错误 cuo4wu4 error; mistake
wo4 mistake; miss; by mistake
按照 an4zhao4 according to
意愿 yi4yuan4 wish
yuan4 hope; be willing to
选择 xuan3ze2 choose; select; choice
xuan3 select
ze2 select
适合 shi4he2 suit
shi4 fit
程度 cheng2du4 degree
cheng2 range
du4 degree; spend
入网 ru4wang3 enter the net
制定 zhi4ding4 draw up; formulate
作为 zuo4wei2 as; being
培养 pei2yang3 cultivate; train; foster
无数 wu2shu4 countless
自豪 zi4hao2 proud
hao2 bold and unconstrained
Created by: kenm47
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