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tinkerbellz magic

Reading Vocab Flashcards

abduct 1 : to carry (a person) off by force POS: verb synonym:kidnap
besiege 1 : to surround with armed forces for the purpose of capturing 2 : to trouble with requests 3 : to cause worry or distress POS: verb synonym:invest
bewitch 1 : to put under a spell 2 : to attract or delight as if by magic POS:verb synonym:hex
conspire conspire: to agree secretly to do an unlawful act POS:verb synonym:plot
devise devise : to form in the mind by new combinations or applications of ideas or principles POS:verb synonym:invent
dismay dismay : to cause to lose courage or to feel concern POS:verb synonym:daunt
embark embark 1 : to go or put on board a ship or airplane 2 : to begin some task or project POS:verb synonym:begin
ewe ewe: a female of the sheep or a related animal especially when mature POS:noun synonym:sheep
gunwale gunwale: 1.the upper edge of the side or bulwark of a vessel. 2. the sheer strake of a wooden vessel; the uppermost strake beneath the plank-sheer POS:noun synonym:gunnel
incognito incognito: with one's identity concealed (as by a false name or title) POS:adverb or adj synonym:nameless
ordeal ordeal: a method of deciding guilt or innocence by making the accused person take dangerous or painful tests POS:noum synonym:trail
peril peril: 1 : the state of being in danger of injury, loss, or destruction 2 : something that presents immediate danger POS: synonym:danger
plunder plunder: to rob especially openly and by force (as in a raid) POS:verb synonym:loot
provisions provisions: 1 a : the act or process of providing b : something done beforehand 2 : a stock of materials or supplies POS: noun synonym:preparation
retaliate retaliate: to return (as an injury) in kind : get revenge POS:verb synonym:revenge
rudder rudder: a flat movable piece (as of wood or metal) attached to the rear of a ship or aircraft for steering POS:noun synonym:helm
ruse ruse: a clever way to fool someone POS:noun synonym:trick
seer seer: 1 : someone or something that sees 2 : a person who foresees or foretells events POS:noun synonym:prophet
stern stern: 1.the after part of a vessel (often opposed to stem ). 2.the back or rear of anything. POS:noun synonym:back
tribulation tribulation: 1.grievous trouble; severe trial or suffering. instance of this; an affliction, trouble, etc. POS:noun synonym:distress
wayfarer wayfarer: a traveler POS:noun synonym:traveler
weigh anchor weigh anchor: heave up an anchor in preparation for sailing POS:verb synonym:heave up
yard-arm yard-arm: either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship POS:noun synonym:nautical
Created by: tuesweet94
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