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BT World Religions

Religions of the world, founders, terms and beliefs

A branch of Christianity that traces its origins to St. Peter, based in Rome, has popes, believes in faith and good works, but only men can be priests and they can't marry. Catholicism
A branch of Christianity that formed in 1054, is led by patriarchs, believes in communion and the Bible, but its priests can marry. Orthodoxy
The branch of Christianity that broke away from the Catholic Church during the Reformation, believe the Bible is the supreme authority, belief faith can save you, and have a more personalized belief in Jesus. Protestantism
The Greek word for Savior or Son of God, this applied to Jesus. Christ
The Catholic belief that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus during communion; not a symbol transubstantiation
The holy book of Christianity which Christians believe is God's holy word, tells Jewish stories from prophets and the story of Jesus's life. Bible
The mother of Jesus, lived in Nazareth. Mary
The event all Christians believe in; when Jesus rose from the dead. Resurrection
The event in 1054 in which the Catholic and Orthodox Churches split because of an argument over the pope's authority. Great Schism
The leader of the Catholic Church, lives in Vatican City, is supreme religious authority for the Church. pope
A main leader of the Orthodox Church, there are several of them, they are always men. patriarch
The founder of Islam, fled Mecca and converted thousands to believe in Allah, wrote the Quran, the greatest prophet. Muhammad
The pilgrimage to Mecca that a Muslim is expected to make once in their lifetime if they are able. hajj
Pray five times a day, give money to the poor, visit Mecca once in your life, fast during the month of Ramadan, and make a statement of faith. Five Pillars of Islam
The holiest city in Islam, located in Saudi Arabia, where Muslims face when they pray and make the hajj. Mecca
The original temple built to God by Abraham, located in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, pilgrims circle it on the hajj. Kaaba
The majority of Muslims in the world, located everywhere, believe anyone could be a leader after Muhammad's death (Abu Bakr). Sunni
The minority of Muslims, found mostly in Iran and Iraq, believed only Muhammad's family members could succeed him (Ali). Shiite
The holy book of Islam, written by Muhammad and inspired by Allah, gives the teachings of Islam to the people to follow, written in Arabic. Quran
The Arabic word for the one supreme God who spoke to Muhammad and created Islam. Allah
This Indian man was a wealthy prince, but gave it all up, meditated on why suffering exists and became Enlightened. Siddhartha Gautama
This was Siddhartha's title, means "Enlightened One" Buddha
These explain why suffering exists, saying it is caused by desire and people should follow the Eightfold Path to get rid of desire. Four Noble Truths
This is the goal of Buddhism, to eliminate desire and suffering and achieve oneness with God. Enlightenment
The oldest ethnic religion in the world, found mostly in India, descended from Aryan people of central Asia, believes in reincarnation. Hinduism
The Hindu/Buddhist belief that the soul is reborn into new bodies upon death depending on previous life good/bad actions. reincarnation
The creator god in Hinduism, believed to create the world and all that is in it. Brahma
The preserver god in Hinduism, believed to keep life going after creation, sustains the world. Vishnu
The destroyer god in Hinduism, brings life and things to an end, a natural part of life. Shiva
This is the system of social classes in Hinduism and India; good karma means you move up the ladder towards nirvana in the next life, broken into four major classes; outlawed now. caste system
This social group in Hinduism is the poorest of the poor, beggars and wanderers who eat garbage; they were considered unclean. untouchables
This is the state of perfection for the soul in Hinduism, where the soul becomes one with God and stops the cycle of reincarnation. nirvana
The oldest monotheistic religion in the world; its followers used to be called Hebrews and lived in the Middle East; believes they are still waiting for their Messiah. Judaism
The founder of Judaism, was promised that his descendants were God's chosen people. Abraham
Hebrew prophet who freed the Israelites from Egypt, received the 10 Commandments and got them to the Promised Land. Moses
This is the holy building built in Jerusalem that contained the Ark of the Covenant and was the holiest site in the religion; the Romans destroyed it. Temple of Solomon
This golden structure was built by the Hebrews and contained the 10 Commandments, manna and Moses's staff; it was placed in the center of the Temple in Jerusalem, but is now lost. Ark of the Covenant
This is the day of rest in any religion; in Islam it's on Friday, in Judaism it is Saturday, and Christianity's is Sunday. Sabbath
Japanese ethnic religion that believes in praying to the spirit of dead ancestors and emperors for guidance. Shintoism
Chinese philosopher who believed one should seek perfection by working with others in society; making the community better together was everyone's goal. Confucius
This Chinese philosopher believed society corrupts people and makes them bad, so they must flee to nature. Lao Zi
This means "path" or "way" and according to Daoism, everyone must find their own by fleeing from society. dao
weak, dark, feminine; this is part of the harmony sought in Chinese philosophies. yin
light, strong, masculine; this is part of the balance sought by Chinese in their lives. yang
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