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Oceans Review

Oceans Final Exam Review

What is salinity? a measure of the amount of dissolved salts in a liquid
What happens to the density of ocean water as it becomes colder? it increases
the horizontal movement of ocean water near or at the surface, caused by wind surface current
stream-like movement of ocean water far below the ocean’s surface deep current
What does the gravitational pull of the moon on Earth and its waters cause? tides
If high tide is at 8:00 p.m. today, at about what time will high tide occur tomorrow? 8:50 pm (Tides occur every 12 hours and 25 minutes- so a day would be 24 hours 50 minutes)
When do NEAP tides occur? occurs during the first and third quarter phases of the moon
Coriolis Effect The curving path of ocean currents and wind belts due to earth's rotation
tsunami a wave that is created by an ocean floor earthquake
Which global wind belt has prevailing winds that blow throughout the continental United States? westerlies
As deep ocean water becomes colder, it also becomes? ________ denser
two factors that affect the salinity of ocean water density and temperature
How many times more carbon is in the oceans than in the atmosphere? 60
The most common salt in the ocean is halite, what is it composed of? sodium and chlorine
most oxygen enters the ocean from atmosphere, surface of the ocean
What is pack ice? a floating layer of sea ice that completely covers an area of the ocean surface
Ocean Color is determined by? light reflection of blue wavelength
What is density? the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance
What percentage of water on Earth does the global ocean contain? 97%
How many major oceans form the global ocean? 5
The largest ocean on Earth's surface is? Pacific Ocean
Earth's deepest ocean Pacific Ocean
What are the dissolved solids in ocean water? Na Cl Mg S
What are the principal gases in the ocean water? Nitrogen and Oxygen
Salt in the oceans is made up of Na and Cl
sea salts dissolved solids in the ocean giving the ocean a salty taste
Tidal Bore a surge of tidal water that rushes upstream in a river that enters the ocean through a long bay attached to the ocean
Ebb Tide Tidal current that flows towards the ocean
Flood Tide Tidal current that flows toward the coast
The Moon and its gravitational pull on Earth's waters the major cause of tides
radiation radiation on the ocean is the sun's energy on the ocean surface. The sun's energy can evaporate the surface layer of the ocean.
Gulf Stream The warm current that occurs on the Atlantic coast of America (this land is your land... from the Red Wood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters...)
Gyre large circular pattern of ocean currents
What is ocean acidification? (and what causes it) carbon dioxide is absorbed by the ocean and it creates a acidic ph level
Created by: Amatulli Science