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Fungi Fun!!

fungi games

Simple organism that absorbs food from its environment Fungus
Plural form of fungus Fungi
a chemical found in the cell walls of fungi, as well as in the shells of lobsters Chitin
organisms that get their food by consuming other living or once-living things Heterotrophs
a membrane-bound structure within a cell that contains the genetic information the cell needs to grow and divide Nucleus
the long strands that make up the body of a fungus. Click to flip Hyphae
the scientists who study fungi Mycologists
the reproductive cells of fungi. Each spore has the capacity to develop into a new fungus Spores
fungi that have the simplest reproductive spores in the Kingdom Fungi Molds
a drug that interferes with the growth of bacteria. Penicillin made by mold was the first antibiotic Antibiotic
an antibiotic made by the mold species Penicillin
fungi that make their spores in sacks Sack Fungi
fungi that produce spores on little structures that look like clubs Club Fungi
the fruiting body of a fungus, containing a cap with spore producing gills resting on top of a stalk Mushroom
the mass of tangled interwoven hyphae that forms the main body of a fungus Mycelium
anything that is or once was alive Organic Matter
organisms that are responsible for breaking down organic matter decomposing it into a simpler form and recycling nutrients into the soil Decomposers
Created by: rbiehl