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Unit 18

Preparing for the World of Work (Updated)

Without good job-keeping skills, no amount of knowledge will help you keep a job.
A series of absences can result in job loss.
Every health care worker must be willing to learn new skills and adapt to change.
By being negative, you create a poor impression and encourage the same attitude in others.
A thorough concise summary of an individual’s education, experience, and abilities is called a resumé
Common deficiencies in workers are poor grammar, lack of respect for work, poor personal appearance, and not accepting responsibility.
Before using a person as a reference you must always have an individual’s permission
A professional way to highlight your knowledge, abilities, and skills as you prepare for employment or extended education is called A career passport or portfolio
Used by employers to collect specific information. application forms
What does a joy interview allow the employer to do? tell you about the position in more detail.
After a job interview what should you do? send a follow-up thank-you note or letter to the employer.
What should be incorporated into every budget? Savings
A 9 X 12 in envelope can be used to mail a cover letter and resumé to an employer.
The mail purpose of a cover letter is to obtain an interview
The first paragraph of a letter of application should state your purpose for writing
A record of information about an individual is a resumé
The employment objective section of a resumé should state ____. the type of position you desire
Which of the following are usually not good people to use as references? relatives
How early should you arrive for a job interview? 5 to 10 minutes
A good example of the type of question you should ask an employer at the end of the interview would be? what type of uniform is required?
Which act requires you to provide documents and a photo identification to show an employer you are entitled to work in the United States? Bureau of Immigration Reform Act
The total amount of money earned for hours worked is gross wage
An example of a variable expense is gasoline for a car
Personal qualities, thinking skills, and basic skills foundation skills for SCANS
While participating in a job interview, you should not sit down in the nearest chair immediately after greeting the employer
Personal identification, employment objective, educational background, employment experience, skills, and other activities should be: basic parts of a resumé
While participating in a job interview, you should avoid excessive laughter or giggling, sit straight and cross your legs at the ankles only, and think before you speak
Rent, house payments, car payments, insurance, and utilities are examples of fixed expenses in a budget
Personal items, clothing, car repairs, gasoline, educational expenses, entertainment, “mad” money, and donations are called variable expenses in a budget
Correct grammar, reporting to work on time and when scheduled, being prepared to work, practicing teamwork, promoting a positive attitude, accepting responsibility for actions, being willing to learn is called job-keeping skills
Types of information that can be included in a career passport or portfolio would be a/an introductory letter, resumé, skill list and competency level, letters of recommendation, copies of work evaluations, documentation of mastering job-keeping skills, leadership and organizational abilities
Use good grammar, have a good work ethic, practice teamwork and accept responsibility for you actions is characteristic of a good employee
A resume should: be printed on good-quality paper. information should be presented in an organized fashion and should include facts that indicate school, church, and community involvement
Money Management International recommends that housing be no more than what percentage of the realistic budget? 20-35 %
A physical therapist earns $22.00 per hour. If she works 50 hours in one week and receives 1 1/2 times the hourly wage for any hours over 40 per week, what is her gross pay for the week? $1,210.00 $22.00x40hrs =880 $22.00 X1 1/2 = $11.00 $11.00 X 10 hrs = 330 880 + 330 = $1,210.00
Basic parts of a resume personal identification, employment objective, educational background, employment experience, skills, other activities
Specific sources for finding job openings Advertisements in newspapers, Internet job search sites, job fairs, recommendations from friends and relatives, bulletin boards, employment agencies, professional organizations, job listings posted at health care facilities or on their Internet sites
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