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Unit 7 :9

Lymphatic System (Updated)

The function of the lymphatic system is to: remove waste and excess fluid from the tissues.
Contraction of skeletal muscles causes lymph to flow through the lymphatic vessels.
Lymph nodes produce a type of leukocyte and antibodies to fight infection.
The thoracic duct empties purified lymph into the left subclavian vein.
What does the spleen store erythrocytes.
The thymus gland produces antibodies and manufactures lymphocytes during what era of development? early childhood.
The tonsils are masses of lymphatic tissue that filter interstitial fluid.
Hodgkin’s disease is a chronic, malignant disease of the lymph nodes.
Thin, watery fluid composed of intercellular fluid Lymph
Small, open-ended lymph vessels Lymphatic capillary
Popularly called lymph glands Lymph node
Short tube that receives purified lymph from the right side of the head, neck, chest, and arm Right lymphatic duct
Masses of lymph tissue on the back of the tongue Lingual tonsils
Commonly called adenoids Pharyngeal tonsils
A pouchlike structure at the start of the thoracic duct is called: Cisterna chyli
Special lymphatic capillary that picks up digested fats Lacteal
Atrophies after puberty Thymus
Organ on left side dorsal to the stomach Spleen
Water, digested nutrients, salts, hormones, oxygen, carbon dioxide, lymphocytes, and metabolic wastes are: substances present in lymph.
Impurities that lymph nodes filter from the lymph are: carbon, cancer cells, pathogens, dead blood cells
Produced by lymphatic tissue in the lymph nodes antibodies, lymphocytes (leukocytes)
Produces leukocytes and antibodies, destroys old erythrocytes, stores erythrocytes, destroys thrombocytes, filters metabolites and wastes functions of the spleen
Antibiotics, warm throat irrigation, rest, analgesics, and tonsillectomy are: treatments for tonsillitis
Organ on left side dorsal to the stomach is the: Spleen
Information or infection of the lymph nodes is called: adentitis
Enlargement of the spleen is called Splenomegaly
A Chronic malignant disease of the lymph nodes is: Hodgkin's disease
Works with the circulatory system to remove waste and excess fluid from the tissues. the lymphatic system
What tonsil is located in the nasopharynx on the upper part of the throat pharyngeal
Inflammation or infection of the lymph nodes is called: adenitis
Inflammation or infection of the tonsils is called: tonsillitis
Inflammation of lymphatic vessels, resulting from an infection in an extremity lymphangitis
Three types of tonsils are: palatine, pharyngeal, and lingual
What tonsil is located on each side of the soft palate palatine tonsil
Purified lymph leaves a lymph node by a single lymphic vessel
What tonsil is located on the back of the tongue lingual tonsil
A mass of lymph tissue located in the center of the upper chest thymus gland
What keeps the lymph flowing in a one-way direction while it is in the lymphatic vessels valves in the lymph vessels
What organs do the lymphatic and the immune systems share lymph nodes, spleen and thymus gland
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