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Chapters 22, 23, 24


desertification- spreading of desert conditions.
staple- the main food of a region.
millet- type of drought resistant grain.
sorghum- a type of drought resistant grain.
dual economies- economies in which some goods are produced for export while other goods are produced for local consumption.
tsetse fly- African fly carrying a human disease called sleeping sickness.
ivory- creamed colored material that makes up the tusk of an elephant.
Swahili- language in East Africa with roots in the languages of the African coast with added Arabic words.
sisal- strong durable plant fiber used to make rope and twine.
gum arabic- sap of acacia trees; a sticky substance that binds the ingredients in many candies and medicines.
genocide- the international destruction of a people.
escarpment- steep face at the edge of a plateau or other raised area.
biodiversity- the level of variety of plants and animals.
veld- grassland regions of south africa.
Afrikaners- dutch, french, andgerman settlers and their descendants in south africa.
apartheid- official policies that forced black south africans to live in separate areas and use separate facilities from white south africans.
sanctions- penalties intended to force a country to change its policies.
African National Congress- a political organiztion that pushed for an end to apartheid in south Africa.
informal sector- sector of an economy made up of people who do not work for formal businesses including many self employed people and small family owned businesses.
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