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Ichthyology P2

Practical 2

What family is the hagfish Myxinidae
What family is the lamprey Petromyzontidae
What family is the chimaera Chimaeridae
What family is the bullhead shark Heterodontidae
What family is the nurse shark Ginglymostomatidae
What family is the requiem shark Carcharhinidae
What family is the hammerhead shark Sphyrnidae
What family is the dogfish shark Squalidae
What family is the angel shark Sqatiniidae
What family is the numbfish Narcinidae
What family is the skates Rajidae
What family is the whiptail stingrays Dasyatidae
What family is the eagle rays Myliobatididae
What family is the bichir Polypteridae
What family is the sturgeon Acipenseridae
What family is the paddlefish Polyodontidae
What family is the gar Lepisosteidae
What family is the bowfin Amiidae
What family is the mooneye Hiodontidae
What family is the ladyfish Elopidae
What family is the tarpon Megalopidae
What family is the bonefish Albulidae
What family is the freshwater eel Anguillidae
What family is the moray eel Muraenidae
What family is the snake & worm eel Ophichthidae
What family is the anchovy Engraulidae
What family is the herring Clupeidae
What family is the minnow & carp Cyprinidae
What family is the sucker Catostomidae
What family is the characins Characidae
What family is the suckermouth armored catfish Loricariidae
What family is the North American catfish Ictaluridae
What family is the sea catfish Ariidae
What family is the salmon Salmonidae
What family is the pikes Esocidae
What family is the bristlemouth Gonostomatidae
What family is the marine hatchetfish Sternoptychidae
What family is the lizardfish Synodontidae
What family is the lanternfish Myctophidae
What family is the pirate perch Aphredoderidae
What family is the hakes Phycidae
What family is the cusk-eel Ophidiidae
What family is the toadfish Batrachoididae
What family is the frogfish Antennariidae
What family is the batfish Ogcocephalidae
What family is the mullet Mugilidae
What family is the new world silverside Atherinopsidae
What family is the flyingfish Exocoetidae
What family is the needlefish Belonidae
What family is the topminnow Fundulidae
What family is the pupfish Cyprinodontidae
What family is the livebearers Poeciliidae
What family is the milkfish Chanidae
What is the key used to separate fish Dichotomous
What are the Kingdom, Phylum, and Subphylum Animalia, Chordata, Craniata
Order- Hagfish Myxiniformes
Order- Lamprey Petromyzontiformes
Order, suborder- chimaera Chimaeriformes, Chimaeroidei
Order- bullhead shark Heterodontiformes
Order- nurse shark Orectolobiformes
Order- requiem shark Carcharhiniformes
Order- hammerhead Carcharhiniformes
Order- dogfish shark Squaliformes
Order- angel shark Sqatiniformes
Order- numbfish Torpediniformes
Order- skates Rajiformes
Order, suborder- whiptail stingray Myliobatiformes, Myliobatoidei
Order, suborder- eagle ray Myliobatiformes, Myliobatoidei
Superclass, Class- hagfish Myxinomorphi, Myxini
Superclass, Class- lamprey Petromyzontomorphi, Petromyzontida
Superclass of everything -hagfish & lamprey Gnathostomata
Name the two grades Chondrichthiomorphi, Teleostomi
What class has sharks, chimaeras, skates and rays Chondrichthyes
What class has ray-finned fish Actinopterygii
What are the two Subclasses under Chondrichthyes Holocephali, Elasmobranchii
Subclass- chimaera Holocephali
Subclass- sharks, skates, rays Elasmobranchii
Infraclass- sharks, skates, rays Euselachii
Division- sharks, skates, rays Neoselachii
Subdivision- sharks, skates, rays Selachii
Superorder- bullhead, nurse, requiem, and hammerhead sharks Galeomorphi
Superorder- dogfish, angel, numbfish sharks, skates, rays Squalomorphi
Subdivision- numbfish, skates, rays Batoidea
Subclass- bichir Cladistia
Order- bichir Polypteriformes
Subclass- sturgeon Chondrostei
Order, Suborder- sturgeon Acipenseriformes, Acipenseroidei
Order, Suborder- paddlefish Acipenseriformes, Acipenseroidei
Subclass- gars Neopterygii
Subclass- bowfin Neopterygii
Order- gar Lepisosteiformes
Order- bowfin Amiiformes
Division- everything - skates, rays, sharks, gars, paddlefish, bowfin, sturgeons Teleostei
Subdivision- mooneye Osteoglossomorpha
Order- mooneye Hiodontiformes
Subdivision- ladyfish Elopomorpha
Subdivision- tarpons Elopomorpha
Subdivision- eels Elopomorpha
Order- ladyfish Elopiformes
Order- tarpons Elopiformes
Order- bone fish Elopiformes
Subdivision- bone fish Elopomorpha
Order- eels Anguilliformes
Suborder- FW eels Anguilloidei
Suborder- moray eels Muraenoidei
Suborder- snake & worm eel Congrordei
Who is in Subdivision Ostarioclupeomorpha anchovy, herring, minnow, carp, sucker, characin, catfish
Superorder, order- anchovy Clupeomorpha, Clupeiformes
Superorder, order- herring Clupeomorpha, Clupeiformes
Superorder- minnows, carps, suckers, characins, catfish Ostariophysi
Order- minnow, carp Cypriniformes
Order- suckers Cypriniformes
Order, suborder- characins Characiformes, Characoidei
Order- catfish Siluriformes
Subdivision Euteleostei Everyone except: sharks, ray, skates, eels, sturgeons, paddlefish, bichir, gar, mooneye, ladyfish, tarpon, anchovy, herring, minnow, carp, sucker, characins, catfish
Superorder- salmon Protacanthopterygii
Superorder- pikes Protacanthopterygii
Order- pikes Esociformes
Order- salmon Salmoniformes
Superorder- bristlemouth Stenopterygii
Superorder- marine hatchetfish Stenopterygii
Order- Bristlemouth Stomiiformes
Suborder- bristlemouth Gonostomatoidei
Order- marine hatchetfish Stomiiformes
Suborder- marine hatchetfish Gonostomatoidei
Superorder- lizardfish Cyclosquamata
Order- lizardfish Aulopiformes
Suborder- lizardfish Synodontoidei
Superorder- lanternfish Scopelomorpha
Order- lanternfish Myctophiformes
Superorder- perch Paracanthopterygii
Superorder- hake Paracanthopterygii
Superorder- cusk eel Paracanthopterygii
Superorder- toadfish Paracanthopterygii
Superorder- frogfish Paracanthopterygii
Order- perch Percopsiformes
Order- hake Gadiformes
Order, suborder- cusk eel Ophidiiformes, Ophidioidei
Order- toadfish Batrachoidiformes
Order- frogfish Lophiiformes
Suborder- frogfish Antennarioidei
Order- batfish Lophiiformes
Suborder- batfish Ogcocephalioidei
Superorder- mullet Acanthopterygii
Series- mullet Mugilomorpha
Order- mullet Mugiliformes
Series- NW silverside Atherinomorpha
Superorder- NW silverside Atherinea
Order, Suborder- NW silverside Atheriniformes, Atherinopsoidei
Superorder- flyingfish Cyprinodontea
Superorder- needlefish Cyprinodontea
Superorder- topminnow Cyprinodontea
Superorder- pupfish Cyprinodontea
Superorder- livebearers Cyprinodontea
Order, Suborder- flyingfish Beloniformes, Belonoidei
Order, Suborder- needlefish Beloniformes, Belonoidei
Order, suborder- topminnow Cyprinodontiformes, Cyprinodontoidei
Order, suborder- pupfish Cyprinodontiformes, Cyprinodontoidei
Order, suborder- livebearers Cyprinodontiformes, Cyprinodontoidei
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