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it 1. Nation 2. Company 3. Species
resemblance between
since [not equal to] because
Doing so so = verb
Doing it it = noun
which 1. ,which (comma in front) 2. A. Except if preposition (under, over) in front of which. B. "I don't KNOW which game" 3. If 1, which refers to word before comma.
that vs. who human = who
when vs. where vs. in which When - specific time Where - physical location In which - all else
Modifier Normal: ..., word (word refers to ...) Exception: it, noun (noun doesn't have to refer to it)
not only but also
consider to be
addicted to
think of as
thought to be
more than
less than
argument over
discussion about
as many as
discourage from
saw as
credited with
believed to be
relieved of
as being (USUALLY WRONG)
Hypothetical situations 1. Contrary to fact 2. "If I were faster,..."
That...verb 1. Order or demands 2. "Dr. Sanchez insists THAT David SEE a specialist" (not sees)
if vs. whether If - conditions Whether - options "...whether...or not" (OR NOT is wrong on GMAT)
...has [verb] means [verb] could happen again
less vs fewer 1. Countable - fewer 2. Non-countable - less 3. Time, money, distance - less
much vs. many 1. Countable - many 2. Non-countable - much
amount vs. number 1. Amount - non-countable 2. Number - countable
so that
the right to
plead to
intend to
provide for
define as
not so much as
"to go boldly" NOT "to boldly go"
between vs. among 1. Between - two items 2. Among - three or more items
depicted as
regarded as
such as (introduces examples)
like = similar to
between ...and...
from ...to...
for [verb]ing 1. Always wrong on GMAT 2. Ex: "for giving"
hit by
Redundancy (Do not use) 1. at least...or more 2. fell...decrease 3. annual...a year
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