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What is a scholar? A learned person.
What is a colony? a territory ruled over by a distant state (nation).
What is an expedition? A journey for a specific purpose.
What does Emerge mean? To come forth.
What is circumnavigation? Going completly around the Earth, especially by water.
What is Monopoly? The exclusive control of goods or services in a market.
What is a isthmus? Narrow strech of land that connects two larger landmasses.
What does charitable mean? Generous in giving money or other help to the needy.
What is persicution? The causing of injury or distress to others because of their religion, race, or political beleifs.
What is an enterprise? A business organization.
What does humble mean? Not proud or haught. Does not think they are a big deal.
What is porcelain? Hard, fine-grained, white ceramic ware.
What is ingenious? Resourcful; clever.
What is Domination? Supremecy over another.
Who discovered america? Columbus
Where was columbus actually trying to go? China
How many ships did columbus have on the 4th voyage 4
Why was columbus trying to go to china? To find a shorter trade route.
How many crew men did he leave on the island on columbus's first voyage? 39
What was the name of columbus's ship on his first voyage? Santa Marie
why did the natives kill the 39 guys that c0lumbus left behind? they were stealing their women and their goods
why did china want to trade so badly with europe? they had silver and gold
what ship crashed on a reef? the santa monica
how many voyages did columbus go on? 4
what was columbus's smallset ship called? pinta
what was columbus's largest ship? santa maria
was columbus's family rich? no
how old was columbus when he died? 53
did columbus find any gold on his first voyage? not much, and it was on the santa maria when it sank
what year did columbus die? in the 1500s
how many ships did columbus have on his last voyage 4
Created by: SS7-4