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Sarah Thorson


Tornado Watch Means that tornadoes may form in the area and that conditions are favorable for their foramtion.
Tornado Warning A tornado has formed in the area! Find Shelter immediately!
Meterologists Scientists who study the weather.
mph miles per hour
km/h kilometers per hour
Fujita Scale Scale used to rank tornadoes according to wind speed.
Tornado A violent, column-like system of rapidly-rotating air that is in contact with the ground.
Funnel-Shaped Most tornadoes are shaped like a funnel
F-0 40-72 mph, Light damage, chimney damage, tree branches broken
F-1 73-112 mph, Moderate damage, mobile homes pushed off their foundation or flipped over
F-2 113-157 mph, Considerable damage, mobile homes demolished, trees uprooted
F-3 158-205 mph, Severe damage, roofs and walls torn down, trains overturned, cars thrown around
F-4 207-260 mph, Devestating damage, well-constructed walls leveled
F-5 261-318 mph, Violent damage, homes lifted off the foundation and carried a long ways away, automobiles can be thrown as far as 100 meters (measure to see how far that is)
Tornado Alley an area in the plains of the mid-USA that has a very high number of very destructive tornadoes
Deadliest Tornado in US The Tri-state tornado of March 18, 1925, 689 people were killed by the tornadoes
Dr. Tetsya Teeodore Fujita the meterologist who described tornadoes by their wind speed
Created by: Sarah.T