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vacab 1

massacred a crushing defeat
mock to mimic, imitate
prevail to succeed, to become dominant
treason the betrayal
virtue moral excellence
cordial friendly
headstone a stone marker at the head of a grave
livestock domestic farm animals
garrison military post
subversion act or instanceof subverting
principles chief, head, leader
deserter to fail ( someone ) in a time of need
surveyor supervisor of land
consumption the amount consumed
cholera fatal disease
SKIRMISHES minor battle
churned to agitate in order to turn into butter
hardtack saltless bisscuts
headstrong determind to have ones way
rations an alloted amount
recalcitrance hard to deal with
regiment to assign to a group
scarce to avoid
tromped to defeat soundly
commissary a dining room or cafeteria
depreciation a lowering estimation
furrows a narrow groove made in the ground
fusillade to attack or shoot
nuisance something annoying or offencive
striding to take a long step
Created by: AllenZ