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CNA - Quiz 1 cont.


The client wants to wear a pair of pants and a shirt that do not match. The nurse aide should: respect the client's choice
When a client starts to share spiritual beliefs with the nurse aide, the nurse aide should: listen to what the client has to say
The nurse aide who finds a client masturbating shoud: allow the client to continue in private.
The nurse aide is caring for a confused client. The nurse aid should: maintain a routine for the client.
How can the nurse aide help a client maintain self esteem? Allow the client to direct and control personal care as much as possible
The BEST way for the nurse aide to show respect for a client is to listen to the client
The nurse aide sees a grieving client crying. The nurse aide's BEST response is to say: "I'm here and I care for you."
When entering a room of a client who is blind, the nurse aid should: greet the client and identify him or herself
A nurse aide does not close the door during the client's bath. Which client right did the nurse aide violate? confidentiality.
The only purpose for using a restraint is to: ensure the safety of client and others
What should the nurse aide tell a client who asks for help writing a letter? "Let's set a time when I can help you."
To avoid falls caused by spilled liquids, the nurse aide's first response for safety should be to: clean up the spill
What should the nurse aide do to avoid low blood sugar in clients who are diabetic? report any meals or snacks not eaten
How should the nurse aide position the client to apply elastic stockings? sitting on the edge of the bed
When assisting a client with a weak left side from a wheelchair, the nurse aide should support the client's weak side
The nurse aide can help prevent pressure sores in the client by: keeping the linens clean, dry, and wrinkle free
A client complains that arthritis is causing pain when he cuts his food. What should the nurse aide do to encourage independence in eating? insist the client to eat the meal without help.
Mouth care in the unconsious client must be done every: 2 hours
If the assignment for a client is to "encourage fluids" what MUST the nurse aide remember to do? give a variety of fluids often
While giving a tub bath to a client, the nurse aide is asked to help for a minute in the next room. The nurse aide should: stay with the client and finish the bath
When lifting a heavy object, the nurse aide should: bend at the knees
A client wants to be alone with her husband. The nurse aide's BEST response is to: provide privacy for the client
To communicate with a client who is hard of hearing, the nurse aide should: face the client and speak clearly
A confused client begins to cry out suddently. What should the nurse aide do FIRST: talk to the client in a soothing voice about familiar things
The nurse aide is caring for a client for the first time and does not know what to call the client. The nurse aide should: ask the client what she would like the nurse aide to call her
A nurse aide slaps a client. This is an example of: physical abuse
To transfer a client from the bed to the wheelchair safely, the nurse aide should: lock the wheels on the wheelchair
What does "ambulate with assistance" mean? The client can walk with help
The abbreviation b.i.d. stands for: twice a day
When performing passive range of motion exercies on a client, the nurse aide should: move the joint slowly, gently, and smoothly
In order to record a client's height properly, it is important for the nurse aide to know that: 12 inches equals a foot
AIDS is transmitted by: sexual contact or sharing needles and syringes
When a weak client is unable to move without help is placed in a chair, the nurse aide should: put a call signal within reach
Mr H. has been sad and depressed since he was admitted to the facility yesterday. What would be the BEST thing for the nurse to do for Mr. H? introduce Mr. H to other clients and staff members
When caring for a client who is dying, the nurse aide must: wear gloves, mask, and shoe covers when giving personal care
Mrs. K's daughter recently died from cancer. Mrs. K spends all of her time in her room, crying. What should the nurse aide tell Mr. K? "I am here if you want to talk."
A client has just been admitted to a facility. The FIRST thing the nurse aide should show the client is how to: use the signaling device
The nurse aide is assigned to bathe a client. What should the nurse aide do FIRST? test the temperature of the water
A client's dentures should be stored in: a labeled cup
To keep a bedbound client from getting a pressure sore, the nurse aide should: reposition the client every 2 hours
When giving a backrub to a client, the nurse aide should: massage bony areas of the client's back with a gentle circular motion
A client tells the nurse aide that his mouth is dry. The nurse aide knows that this client is not allowed to eat or drink anything. The nurse aide should: clean the client's mouth with a moist swab or washcloth
The nurse aide brings a breakfast tray to a bedbound client and sees that the client has been incontinent. What should the nurse aide do FIRST? clean and change the client
When getting ready to make a bed, the nurse aide should place the clean linens on: a chair or table beside the bed
A client complaints to the nurse that another nurse aide has neglected her. The nurse aide should: report the complaint
When approaching a client with Alzheimer's disease, the nurse aide should: speak calmly and use simple words
The nurse aide is giving care to Mr. M. While the nurse aides performs his care, Mr. M calls the nurs aide by the name of his son who died several years ago. The nurse aide's best response would be to: ask Mr. M about his favorite memories of his son
An angry client curses loudly at the nurse aide. It would be best for the nurse aid to: ask the client what is bothering him or her
A client gives the nurse aide $50 as a birthday gift. The nurse aide should: politely refuse the gift
The nurse aide finds a client's medication on the floor of the client's room. The nurse aide should: return the medication to the nurse or supervisor
The nurse aide does not like working with another staff member. The BEST thing for the nurse aide to do is: talk to the staff member and try to work out the problem
How many times during a shift shoud the nurse aide wash his or her hands? before and after each contact with the client
What should the nurse aide do when a client with Alzheimer's disease seems depressed and quiet? tell the client not to worry
The Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrust) should be used if the client is: choking
If a nurse aide discovers a small fire in a client's room, the nurse aide should FIRST: remove the client
A confused client becomes upset when he cannot find his way to the bathroom. How should the nurse aide help this client? walk the client to the bathroom and seat him.
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