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sun earth and moon

grade 4 science

What is the sun? A Star
This gives off Light AND Heat. The Sun
Dark spots on the sun. Sunspots
Bright areas on the sun. Flares
Things related to the sun. Solar
The suns light penetrates our atmosphere. Some of it escapes back into space. The rest is trapped through ( ). This is called, The ----- ----- ------. Green House Effect
This Polish Astronomer and Mathematician, was the first person to prove that the sun was the center of the universe.(1543) Nicolaus Copernicus
This is the third closest planet to the sun. Mercury is the closest, followed by Venus Earth
How long does it take for Earth to rotate on its Axis? It takes 24 hours. This rotation is why we have day and night.
How long does it take for the Earth to make a complete ORBIT of the sun? It takes 365 1/4 days (one year)
What is the reason why we have different seasons? The Earth rotates on a tilted Axis on its Orbit of the Sun.
This would disrupt all things on Earth if it was missing. The Earth would wobble severely on its Axis. The Moon
This Egyptian astronomer claimed that the Earth is round (not flat)and all sky objects revolve around Earth. Ptolemy
What was formed about 100 million years after Earth. Scientists believe it was the Moon.
How was the Moon formed? A Mars sized planet crashed into Earth and some of the debris formed together.
What causes our high and low tides? The Moon. Earths oceans are magnetically attracted to it.
How long does it take for the Moon to rotate on its axis AND make a complete orbit of the Earth? It takes approximately 27 days.
Where is there No Atmosphere? The Moon.
The changing shapes of the Moon as seen from Earth is called. Phases
What gives the Moon its light? The Sun reflects its light on it.
What happened during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission? NASA astronauts landed on the moon.
Huge loops of gas on the edge of the sun. Prominences
Created by: lori8158