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Chapter 12 EnScience

Chapter 12

When harmful substances build up in the air to unhealthy levels what is the result? air pollution
Where does most pollution come from? Human activities
What are some natural pollutants? volcanos, dust, pollen, and spores
What pollutant is put directly into the air by human activity? primary pollutant
What is it called when a primary pollutant comes into contact with other primary pollutants or with naturally occurring substances and a chemical reaction takes place? secondary pollutant
When air pollution hangs over urban areas and reduces visibility what is it called? smog
When the air above is warmer than the air below it's called? temperature inversion
What are buildings that have very poor air quality and have a conditions called? sick-building syndrome
Several minerals that form in long, thin fibers and that are valued for their strength and resistance to heat are called what? asbestos
What is a colorless, tasteless, and oderless gas called? radon
What unit is sound measured in? decibels
What is precipitation such as rain, sleet, or snow that contains a high concentration of acids called? acid precipitation
What does pH stand for? power of hydrogen
What is the type of measure used to measure of how acidic or basic a substance is? pH
What is the increase in the concentration of acid called? acidification
What is the sudden influx of acidic water that causes a rapid change in the water's pH called? acid shock
Created by: Kerri.Castaneda