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Zoology Test 12 & 13


Arthropods are identified how? By their tough exoskeleton and segmented body.
What does arthropod mean? Jointed foot
What are animals with out backbones called? Invertebrates
What is arachnophobia? Excessive fear of spiders!
Be able to name ALL 5 arachnids we studied. Spiders, harvestmen, scorpions, ticks and mites.
How do you tell a spider from an insect? Number of legs
How many legs does a spider have? 8
How many legs does an insect have? 6
Some spiders have what appear to be an extra set of legs. What are they? Pedipalps
Explain how a spider eats? It liquefies its food and then sucks the liquid out.
What are the 2 poisonous spiders here in the U.S.? Brown recluse and black widow
Spiders produce silken threads. What are they used for? You need to know at least 4 of these. Webs, protect young, catch food, create a home and help it move around.
Silk-producing organs are called: Spinnerets
List the 3 different types of silk and know the information in parenthesis. Dragline (strongest silk), Capture silk (capture prey), egg-case silk (waterproof wrapped around eggs)
Baby spiders are called: spiderlings
How do arthropods grow? By molting
What kind of webs do spiders weave? Orb webs=composed of strands that form circles, Funnel webs=webbed sinkholes in the ground, Sheet webs=flat webs that lay across bushes.
Some spiders don't use webs to catch food. What methods do they use? They hunt or ambush their prey.
A granddaddy longleg is not a spider, but a _________________. Harvestman
Know the 2 ways a harvestman can protect itself. It can detach its leg and it can spray a nasty-smelling fume from their body.
Scorpions are aggressive creatures. T or F False ( Know how to write this in a complete sentence to make it true)
What is the name of the only harmful scorpion that lives in the U.S.? Bark scorpion
More numerous than all the other arachnids put together are the tiny parasites called ______________. Acarina=mites and ticks (Know scientific name also)
Name some specific kinds of acarina? scabies, chiggers, mange
What tiny creatures eat the skin you shed everyday? dust mites
What are the 2 kinds of ticks? Know how long they each feed. Hard and soft (Hard ticks feed for several days or weeks), soft ticks (fed for several minutes to a few days)
What diseases are transmitted by ticks? Know at least 2 Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, American Fever, Colorado Tick Fever, Q Fever, Encephalitis and Tick Paralysis.
Centipedes have between _________ & _________ feet. 30 and a few hundred
Millipedes don't have anywhere near a thousand feet. T or F True
Centi = 100
Milli= 1,000
Unlike a crab, lobster or shrimp the woodlouse is the only crustacean that is at home on land. T or F True
Created by: elizabethzoology