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Lesson 27 New Words

New Practical Chinese Reader 2 Textbook

rù xiāng suí sú When in Rome, do as the Romans do 入乡随俗
fúwùyuán attendant, waiter/waitress 服务员
kettle, pot 壶
diǎnxin light refreshments; pastry 点心
shāo slightly; a little 稍
cháguǎn teahouse 茶馆
liǎojiě to understand; to find out 了解
fēngsú custom 风俗
rènao bustling with noise and excitement 热闹
shuōhuà to speak; to talk 说话
shēngyīn sound, voice 声音
gèng more 更
zuì most 最
wǔtái stage 舞台
bān to move; to take a way 搬
chǎngsuǒ place 场所
fāxiàn to find, to discover 发现
yìbiān... yìbiān... at the same time; simultaneously 一边。。。 一边。。。
liáotiān to chat 聊天
ānjìng quiet 安静
bǐrú to give an example; for instance 比如
kāfēiguǎn cafe; coffee bar 咖啡馆
kànfǎ view 看法
zhèngcháng normal, regular 正常
kuàizi chopsticks 筷子
dāochā knife and fork 刀叉
shíwù food; eatables 食物
kuài piece, lump 块
pánzi plate, dish 盘子
qiē to cut, to slice 切
zuǐ mouth 嘴
shǒuzhǐ finger 手指
tiǎn to lick 舔
gānjìng clean 干净
zhèyàng so, such 这样
xīcān Western-style food (meal) 西餐
Created by: andreakim91
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