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What are the 6 forms of energy? machanical, thermal, ,nuclear, electrical, chemical, and Radient
What is an example of machanical energy? A hammer moving towards a nail.
What is an example of thermal energy? the heat feeling when you rub your hands together.
What is an example of nuclear energy? nuclear power plants
What is an example of electrical energy? energy of electric charges
What is an example of chemical energy? when you burn coal
What is an example of radient energy? radio waves
What is the first form of the 2nd law of Thermodynamics? In any transformation of energy there is always a decrease in the usable energy.
What is the 2nd form of the 2nd law of Thermodynamics? Heat can only move from hot to cold.
What is the 3rd form of the 2nd law of thermodynamics? In a closed system disorder increases.
What is the most plentiful non-renewable resource? coal
What is one non-renewable rsource? Coal, uranium, natural gas, oil shade
What is an example of efficency? devices that are used for lighting
What is heat engine? Any device that converts heat energy into michanical energy.
Is heat engine efficient? no
When energy gets lost what is it lost as? heat
What is system efficency? energy that orginally comes from coal
After going through the power plant how much energy is used as heat? 2/3 of it
What is an example of system efficiency? a incondesent light bulb.
What is an example of energy conversion? When you mine, crush, and transport coal.
What is "lost" heat? When some energy is "lost" as heat?
Where do we get most of our energy from? coal
what do people have to pay since some energy gets "lost"? a heat tax
What are resources? Amounts of material that are known or unknown.
What are reserves? known amounts of material that can be extracted with technology under present economic conditions.
Are resources larger or smaller than reserves? larger
What is an example of high energy quality? sugar
What 2 energy's are high in quality? machanical and electrical.
What has the lowest energy quality? ambiant temperture
What is an example of low energy quality? sunlight
Where would you find a fire ball of coal? inside a furnace
Where is coal located? Inside the earth's crust under tons of rock.
Why is coal pulverized? so that the coal can burn easier and hotter with less waste.
Why is water pressurized? It turns to steam faster and more efficently.
Why is ash mixed with concrete? It makes the concrete stronger.
How is steam recycled? It is converted back to water.
What is a recieving station? A place where electricity goes and reduces voltage and then is sent to a substation.
What is net energy? the total energy that is used over a lifetime of the system.
What is net energy useful for? analysis
What is an example of an analysis? Can't use a ratio close or less than one.
Created by: ekacancook