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Dining Out

Japanese for Busy People Romanized - Lesson 10 Dining Out

shumatsu weekend
shimasu do
Kabuki Kabuki (Theater)
mimasu see
asa-gohan breakfast
hiru-gohan lunch
ban-gohan dinner
kohi coffee
kocha tea
o-cha Green Tea
sake sake
supu soup
miruku milk
jusu juice
sandoitchi sandwich
sarada salad
tabemasu eat
nomimasu drink
kaimasu buy
yomimasu read
kikimasu listen (to)
mimasu see
tenisu o shimasu play tennis
benkyo o shimasu study
kaimono o shimasu shop
shigato o shimasu work
mainichi every day
maiasa every morning
maiban every evening
maishu every week
jogingu o shimasu jog
suteki steak
ba bar
toshokan library
supotsu-kurabu gym, sports club
supotsu sports
kuruba club
inu dog
yasai-jusu vegetable juice
yasai vegetable
okusan (another person's) wife
sampo o shimasu go for a walk
gorufu o shimasu play golf
tenisu-koto tennis court
yoyaku reservation
yoyaku o onegaishimasu Make a reservation
Created by: ddayton
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