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textbook 2

lesson 15 to 17 生词

生词 Shengci拼音 Pinyin 英译 Translate
de structural particle
zao3 early
银行 yin2hang2 bank
shao3 Few; little
排队 pai2dui4 to form a line; to queue up
huan4 to exchange; to change
英镑 ying1bang4 pound sterling
人民币 ren2min2bi4 Renminbi
dei3 to need; must; to have to
yong4 to use
gang1 just;only a short while ago
cong2 from
非常 fei1chang2 very; extremely; highly
ci4 measure word for actions
参观 can1guan1 to visit
兵马俑 bing1ma3yong3 ceremonial clay statues of warriors and horses
明信片 ming2xin1pian4 postcard
gai1 to be sb's turn to do sth
工作人员 gong1zuo4ren2yuan2 working personnel; staff member
qian1 thousand
shu3 to count
王府井 Wang2fu3jing3 name of a famous commercial district in Beijing
西安 xi1an1 name of the capital of Shanxi Province
好久不见 hao3jiu3bu2jian4 haven't seen (sb.)for a very long time
发展 fa1zhan3 to develop
kuai4 fast; quick; rapid
hua4 language; dialect
普通话 pu3tong1hua4 the common speech
年轻 nian2qing1 young
流利 liu2li4 fluent
dong3 to understand
jiu4 exactly; precisely
ba3 denoting the disposal of sth.
wang4 to forget
图书馆 tu2shu1guan3 library
办公室 ban4gong1shi4 office
shang4 to go up; to get on last; previous
xian1 first
借书证 jie4shu1zheng4 library card
一会儿 yi2hui4r a little while
xia4 to go down; to get off/next
dai4 to bring
tian2 to fill in; to write
biao3 form; table
na2 to take; to hold; to get
man4 slow; slowly
不行 bu4xing2 not be allowed; won't do
生活 sheng1huo2 to live/life
自己 zi4ji3 oneself
姓名 xing4ming2 name
性别 xing4bie2 sex; gender
职业 zhi2ye4 occupation; profession
jiao1 to hand in; to hand over; to pay
chang2 long
考试 kao3shi4 to give or take an examination
不错 bu2cuo4 not bad
翻译 fan1yi4 to translate; to interpret
xin1 new
课本 ke4ben3 textbook
chu1 to go or come out
huan2 to give back ; to return
过期 guo4qi1 to be overdue
罚款 fa2kuan3 to impose a fine or forfeit / fine
电脑 dian4nao3 computer
cha2 to check; to look up
新实用汉语课本 xin1shi2yong4han4yu3ke4ben3 New Practical Chinese Reader
旗袍 qi2pao2 a long formal dress with a slit skirt
bi3 than (indicating comparison)
mai3 to sell
中式 zhong1shi4 Chinese style
已经 yi3jing1 already
商店 shang1dian4 shop; store
极了 ji2le extremely
一定 yi2ding4 must; surely
cha4 not up to standard; poor; bad
开始 kai1shi3 to start; to begin
太极拳 tai4ji2quan2 Taiji Boxing
tao4 set; suit; suite
shuai4 handsome
颜色 yan2se4 color
hei1 black
hong2 red
bai2 white
便宜 pian2yi cheap
没关系 mei2guan1xi never mind; it doesn’t matter
公园 gong1yuan2 park
zou3 to walk; to go
小时 xiao3shi2 hour
过去 guo4qu4 to pass
衬衫 chen4shan1 shirt
绿 lu1 green
样子 yang4zi shape; sample; model; pattern
售货员 shou4huo4yuan2 salesclerk
shi4 to try on; to have a try
觉得 jue2de to feel; to think
合适 he2shi4 suitable; appropriate
duan3 short
gao1 high; tall
公分 gong1fen1 centimeter
麻烦 ma2fan to bother sb.
丝绸 si1chou2 silk
西服 xi1fu2 western-style clothes; suit
Created by: chiping
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