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unit 12 and 13 Test


What does the word extinct mean? no longer exists
According to the Word, when were dinosaurs created? 6th day
What book gives us the most accurate account of dinosaurs? Bible the book of Job
What words of description do we find in the Bible? eats grass like an ox, strength is in his loins, ppower in the muscles of his belly, tail like a cedar, bones are tubes of bronze, limbs like bars of iron
How do we know the elephant or hippo are not the "behemoth" the Bible speaks of? they have small tails
How do we really know what the dinosaurs looked like? through ancient drawings called petroglyphs
Did dinosaurs live during biblical time with the people? If so, how do we know? the people who drew the pics drew them from what they saw.
How do we know dinosaurs haven't been extinct millions of years? we have found fossils with flexible tissues including blood vessels and blood cells which would have disintigrated if they were millions of years old.
What do paleintologists do? study fossils and give us info about how and when animals lived and what they looked like based on the fossils
What is the difference in the stance of a dinosaur and a reptile? the reptile has a wider stance.
What two groups are dinosaurs classified into? saurischia and ornithischia
saurischia classification is based on what? lizard- hipped
Ornithischia classification is based on what? bird-hipped
What do scientists now know about the brontosaurus? never existed
What are some characteristics of sauropods? long neck and tail, small head nostrils on top of their heads close to their eyes
Theropod characteristics? carnivores, bi-pedal, 5 fingers , 5 toes, claws, sharp serrated teeth
Which dinosaur had a bill so flat it resembled the bill of a duck? hadrosaur
Why are dinosaurs extinct today? limited food supply after the flood, change in weather cooler temps, men hunting them
What are some characteristics of arthropods? tough exolskeleton, segmented body, jointed foot, do not have a back bone(invertebrate)
What is arachnophobia? an extreme fear of spiders
What animals are in the arachnid group? spiders, scorpions, harvestmen, ticks, mites
How can you tell if a creature is an arachnid or an insect? count its legs insect has 6 arachnid has 8
What are pedipalps? sensitive appendages that give the arachnid a sense of touch and they are used for defense
What is the chelicerae? the mouth part that ends in fangs
The body of an arachnid has how many parts? 2
What are the two parts of an arachnid? abdomen and cephalothorax
What part are the legs and pedpalps attached to? cephalothorax
What part are the lungs located in? abdomen
How do spiders see since they do not have good eyesight? they can sense with their legs, through smell vibrations and motions some even taste
What is different about the foot of a web making spider? they have a tiny claw at the end that helps them to hang on to the thin thread of its web
What is a scopula? they help the spider stick to smooth surfaces
Are spiders carnivores or herbivores? carnivores
What are the 2 poisonous spiders in the US? brown recluse and black widow
How do you identify the brown recluse? it has a violin shape on its back and is a yellowish to brown color
How can you identify the black widow? they are black and shiny and have a red hourglass shaped mark on their abdomen but this is only for the female
What are the uses of the spidersilk? helps the spider protect its young, catch food, create a home, and help the spider to move around
Where does spider silk come from? silk producing organs called spinneretts
What are the three kinds of silk that spiders have? drag-line silk, capture silk, egg-case silk
What are the different kinds of webs spiders make? orb, funnel, tangle, and sheet webs
Name the hunting spiders - wolf spider, tarantula, crab spiders, fishing spiders, jumping spiders
Characteristics of hunting spiders , fast, great eyesight, deadly venom, hunt their prey
Characteristics of harvestman, has one body, part two eyes, it can eat chunks of food and does not need to liquefy its food, does not spin webs because it is not a spider
You will need to label parts of a spider on pg 229
Characteristics of scorpions have lobster-like pedipalps used to capture and tear up prey, telson with venomous stinger, non aggressive.
What are the 2 types of venom the scorpion has? one that causes pain, on that causes real harm
How does the whip scorpion protect itself? emits a foul smelling chemical
What are acarina? mites and ticks
Characteristics of acarina parasites most have 8 legs head and abdomen are fused together, fanged mouthparts, excrete toxic digestive juices into their hosts,
Created by: kimberi10